PARTYGATE: Boris Johnson fined for breaking his own covid lockdown laws!

Partygat BorisJohnson breaks his own covid laws

Boris Johnson has been fined for breaking his own covid lockdown laws making him the first Prime Minister in UK history to have broken the law whilst serving in office. The Prime Minister along with the Chancellor Rishi Sunak have both been fined after it was revealed that they attended a birthday party for the Prime minister on June 19th 2020 during lockdown. The police are currently investigating more parties that were held at Downing Street and Boris Johnson may rack up further fines if he is found to have broken more of his own rules.

This fine that has been issued by police proves that Boris Johnson is not fit for office. Boris Johnson has repeatably lied to both parliament and the British people by denying that any parties took place and that all rules were followed at Downing Street when he was asked in Parliament if there were parties there during lockdown. By blatantly lying like this Boris Johnson broke the ministerial code and therefore should resign. Despite this many Tory MP’s still have his back and are trying to dismiss the seriousness of Boris Johnson law breaking and lying using the war in Ukraine and cost of living crisis as reasons why he should stay in power. However these feeble excuses being spun by the tory party and are actually reasons why we need a competent leader in charge and not some lying self serving, corrupt moron like Boris Johnson.

By breaking his own covid laws that he set up to “stop the spread of covid 19” shows that he did not even believe in them and it was simply one rule for him and another for everybody else. The arbitrary and nonsensical covid laws had no effect on actually stopping the spread of covid 19 and just wrecked peoples lives, livelihoods and worsened peoples mental and physical health. Boris Johnson’s incompetent handling of the pandemic the UK ended up having one of the worst covid 19 death rates in the world and his rule breaking just adds salt to the wounds of those who have lost everything because of lockdown.

During his time as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has proven that he has no moral authority or integrity whatsoever and does not meet the high standards that we deserve from a Prime minister. He cannot lead this country especially when we are facing a cost of living crisis (caused by Boris Johnson wreck less handling of the economy during the pandemic) and a war in Ukraine. He must resign.

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