Boris Johnson introduces highest taxes in 70 years!

We are all now paying more tax than we were during post war Britain!

After lying to the British public and pushing the partygate scandal well and truly under the carpet Boris Johnson is now seeing his approval rating further slide as he introduces more taxes that target working families on lower incomes (not that he actually cares about what the British people think because he is only really in politics for the money and power).

Despite Boris Johnson claiming that he is lowering taxes he has actually introduced more than 15 tax hikes so far and as a result we are now seeing the highest levels of tax in over 70 years.

Today people in the UK will have to pay even more for national insurance. This means that the government have chosen to break their manifesto pledge not to raise national insurance in order to pay for their own incompetence during the pandemic.

Boris Johnsons government have wasted billions of tax payers money during the pandemic with over £11 billion having to be written off by the government. A big chunk of that money was lost after the government wasted it by paying fraudsters furlough money without even checking if they were making a legitimate claim or not.

At a time when we are facing a cost of living crisis these extra tax rises are going to push some household who are only just getting by over the edge.
Before the pandemic more and more people were relying on food banks to the survive now thing are only going to worse for people. Boris Johnsons tax rises cannot come at a worse time for people. The rising cost of living thanks to higher food and fuel prices many will now be pushed over the edge and into poverty.

Boris Johnson is an opportunistic liar and may say one thing to try to get elected but will do the complete opposite when he does. A nanny state with high taxes is what you get with his incompetent and corrupt government.

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