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    How to not feel so alone when being ignored


    Are you tired of feeling like a social pariah when you attend social events? Does it seem like no one wants to give you the time of day? Well, fear not my lonely friend, I have some helpful tips to make yourself more resilient to being ignored. First, let’s address the elephant in the room. […] More

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    It’s time to defund the far-left BBC once and for all!

    I’m sick and tired of the BBC. It’s time to take a stand against this far-left propaganda machine! Why should we be forced to fund their biased reporting and twisted views? The time has come to defund the BBC and put an end to their fear-mongering and far-left commie crap once and for all. We […] More

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    How social media is destroying society


    Zombies on phones

    I’ve been feeling very down lately. There are a heck of a lot reasons that could be causing me to feel depressed. Maybe it is because I am approaching a big mile stone birthday which is forcing me to reflect on my life and everything I have NOT achieved. However one of the biggest problems […] More

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    Avoid C3 Church its a prosperity cult!


    If you are thinking about going to a C3 Church please don’t especially if you suffer from depression or loneliness. C3 church was first set up in the 1980s by an Australian called Phil Pringle who is now a multi millionaire. C3 has since grown and now has churches across the world with thousands of […] More

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    Boris Johnsons awful legacy as the worst ever Prime minister

    Today Boris Johnson out of spite has kicked Tobias Ellwood out of the conservative party because he was a strong citric of Boris Johnsons lousy leadership and helped force the PM to resign. This an example of the sort of man Boris Johnson is and exactly why he should never have been allowed to get […] More

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    Monkeypox isn’t something to worry about!


    Without any medical or scientific evidence at all Joe Biden has warned that monkeypox is something that we should all be worried about… However, Joe Biden is a moron who probably doesn’t even know what day of the week it is and is simply looking for something to distract everyone from the fact that he […] More

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    ONS data is fake far-left propaganda!

    Office national statistics fake data professor Ian diamond

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) should be shut down. The ONS is ran by far left propagandists that are making up fake data to pressurize the government into far left policies and policies that make them rich. The ONS is an affront to our democracy and the data that it produces is fabricated by […] More

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    Boris Johnson introduces highest taxes in 70 years!

    We are all now paying more tax than we were during post war Britain! After lying to the British public and pushing the partygate scandal well and truly under the carpet Boris Johnson is now seeing his approval rating further slide as he introduces more taxes that target working families on lower incomes (not that […] More

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    TrustPilot deletes reviews!

    Don’t trust TrustPilot. Customers should be wary of trusting the reviews on TrustPilot and businesses should not succumb to the pressure from this online extortion racket. Here is why: TrustPilot gets paid to remove negative reviewsTrustPilots whole business model is based around businesses paying them to manage their reviews and scores. If a business that […] More

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    Has Boris Johnson got away with the Partygate scandal?

    Nobody talks about Boris Johnson having booze up parties during lockdown and blatantly lying to parliament and the general public anymore… because it looks as though this vile man has successfully shoved the scandal well and truly under the carpet. Boris Johnson has got away with the partygate scandal thanks to the MET police helping […] More

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