ONS data is fake far-left propaganda!

Office national statistics fake data professor Ian diamond

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) should be shut down. The ONS is ran by far left propagandists that are making up fake data to pressurize the government into far left policies and policies that make them rich.

The ONS is an affront to our democracy and the data that it produces is fabricated by corrupt communist Professors to justify and push forward the so called “progressive” politics of the far left.

Only yesterday the ONS published FAKE data that they said indicated a rise in suicide rates among seriously ill people and then called for the government to legalize euthanasia. However the data that the ONS released cannot be independently verified because it is anonymous and does not take into consideration the overall increase in suicide rates due to the pandemic and lockdown causing higher rates of depression in the population.

FAKE ONS data is also being used by the far-left BBC to scare people into thinking that the pandemic is as worse than it is. The ONS is declaring that 1 in 10 people have covid however what they do not tell you is that their is just a “best guess” estimation and is based upon an extremely small testing sample. Whistle blowers have also spoken out saying that the ONS is using fake testing data by counting people as having had covid when they were not even given a covid testing kit to use.
The truth is that the ONS is using unreliable and even falsified data to produce its covid 19 infection rate predictions. Professor Ian Diamond who heads the ONS has finical links to various health companies that are currently seeing huge profits because of the covid19 pandemic. This means that Professor Ian diamond has a vested interest for the pandemic to go on as long as possible. The far left that run the ONS also want to see the continuation of covid regulations because they see it as a way of dismantling democracy and freedom in the west and a way to herald in Stalinism where the state controls every aspect of your life.

These are just two of the most recent examples of the ONS manipulating statistics to push for their own far left and corrupt agendas. Next time you hear some one cite statistics from the ONS you should take it with a pinch of salt because chances are it will just be absurd fabricated crap.

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