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    Amazon Prime Day Deals are RIP OFFs don’t be SCAMMED!

    Amazon review - it is a scam rip off

    Read this before shopping at Amazon during their Prime Day so called “sales”! Increasing the price of something and then slightly reducing it does not make something a deal but that is exactly what Amazon does during its Prime Day sales. It would seem that Amazons greed knows no bounds. During a cost of living […] More

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    Best Knee Braces to buy 2022

    Here is our round-up of the best knee braces to buy in the year 2022. If your favourite knee brace isn’t on the list feel free to add it with your own review below! More

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    A new UK online marketplace has been launched recently however it already has a bad reputation. The online marketplace is called OnBuy where anyone and I mean anyone can sell things online including scammers. If you search online you will find dozens of unhappy OnBuy customers complaining about a range of different issues. The most […] More

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    TrustPilot deletes reviews!

    Don’t trust TrustPilot. Customers should be wary of trusting the reviews on TrustPilot and businesses should not succumb to the pressure from this online extortion racket. Here is why: TrustPilot gets paid to remove negative reviewsTrustPilots whole business model is based around businesses paying them to manage their reviews and scores. If a business that […] More

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    Reviewed: What are the Best Back Support Braces to buy?!

    If you are like me and suffer from chronic back pain you will try anything to help ease your pain. Not every treatment will work or will be good for you. Taking addictive painkillers to help ease your pain is NOT a good long term strategy. What helped ease my bad back was buying a […] More

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    Review: Are are Scholl insoles any good? Nope!

    Recently I bought a pair of Orthaheel Sports Orthotic from scholl…so I thought I would just post this mini review to warn people NOT to buy these insoles. I would not recommend anyone buy a pair you will be very disappointed. In my opinion after just wearing them for a couple days I can safely […] More

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    Google ads debuncked: Do they even work? Nope.

    Does Google adwords work? Nope, and here is why! If you are a small business thinking about using Google ads to advertise your business then you might want to think again. Unless you are a lawyer, investment bank or a plastic surgeon where conversions are worth a considerable amount of money then Google ads will […] More

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    Review: Ebuyer sucks!


    Are you thinking about buying a new computer from ebuyer? If so then it might be wise  to read this first! Do not be fooled by Ebuyers snakeoil A lot of the computers that you can buy from ebuyer are extremely outdated and even though ebuyer advertises them as “cheap desktops” they really are not […] More

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