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    Review: Are are Scholl insoles any good? Nope!

    Recently I bought a pair of Orthaheel Sports Orthotic from scholl…so I thought I would just post this mini review to warn people NOT to buy these insoles. I would not recommend anyone buy a pair you will be very disappointed. In my opinion after just wearing them for a couple days I can safely […] More

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    Google ads debuncked: Do they even work? Nope.

    Does Google adwords work? Nope, and here is why! If you are a small business thinking about using Google ads to advertise your business then you might want to think again. Unless you are a lawyer, investment bank or a plastic surgeon where conversions are worth a considerable amount of money then Google ads will […] More

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    Review: Ebuyer sucks!


    Are you thinking about buying a new computer from ebuyer? If so then it might be wise  to read this first! Do not be fooled by Ebuyers snakeoil A lot of the computers that you can buy from ebuyer are extremely outdated and even though ebuyer advertises them as “cheap desktops” they really are not […] More

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    Lenovo computers suck

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    Recently I decided to buy a new desktop because the one I was using was getting on a bit (6 years old) and was getting slower and slower. So I replaced my old computer with the Lenovo thinkcentre and to be honest I wish I didn’t bother as this new desktop that cost me £220 […] More

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    Best heel lifts to buy

    Heel lifts can be usedto help ease injuries such as Achilles tendinitis, correct leg lengthdiscrepancy or can be worn simply to make the wearer taller and feelmore confident about themself. Here we will have the low down on thebest and worst heel lifts to buy. More

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    Best insoles for foot and heel pain

    Suffering from foot orheel pain can be an absolute nightmare, luckily wearing  pair oforthotic insoles can be quick and easy way to ease you pain. Orthotic insoles use special arch support technology to support and correct the way your feet function this helps to prevent excessive strain and pressure helping to fix what ever is […] More

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    Make yourself taller with these secret height increasing insoles

    Forget about uselessbooks telling you how to grow taller, all they are good for is tostand on! Now all you need is to wear height increasing insoles tomake yourself look taller instantly.In this post we willreveal the best height increasing insoles an shoe lifts that willincrease your height and confidence. More