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    Donald Trump EPICALLY tweets after Barcelona terror attack about General Pershing

    Donald Trump just tweeted the most epic tweet yet of his presidency…

    Donald Trumps tweet comes hours after yet another terror attack by the religion of peace in Barcelona, where a van drove into tourists killing 13 people and leaving many more injured. Islamic state has claimed responsibility. Unfortunately terrorist attacks are becoming more and more inevitable here in Europe as Europe becomes filled with Muslims indoctrinated in an evil “idealogy” that was created 1500 years ago by the devil.

    Who was General Pershing?

    General Pershing was a US military leader who helped prevent radical Islam from taking over the Philippines. General Pershing recognised that the only way to stop the monsters was by matching the Muslims brutal tactics by shooting Muslim prisoners with bullets soacked in pigs blood to scare them witless. During Donald Trumps presidential campaign at a rally Donald Trump told the story of General Pershing explaining to his supporters…

    “He took 50 bullets and he dipped them in pig’s blood,” Trump said. “And he had his men load his rifles and he lined up the 50 people, and they shot 49 of those people. And the 50th person, he said, ‘You go back to your people and you tell them what happened.’ And for 25 years there wasn’t a problem.”
    It is rather funny how Donald Trump can play the mainstream media and cause them to have a a complete meltdown But Donald Trump does have a valid point.
    Would it be so bad if all armed police dipped their bullets in pigs blood to deter Muslims from carrying out terrorist attack by making them fearful of being shot with one of those bullets?
    Another more long term way to stop these attacks is to convert the Muslims to Christianity and show them who Jesus is once they see how great Christianity is their simply won’t be anymore violence.

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    Tom Cruise injured in stunt gone wrong whilst filming Mission: Impossible 6

    Whilst filming for mission impossible 6 Tom cruise has injured himself after jumping onto a side of a building in a stunt gone wrong. In a video shared by TMZ the daredevil actor who is 55 years old and like to perform his own stunt was seen limping after he failed to make a jump and ended up hitting the side of a building instead. It is reported that Tom cruise has broken 2 bones in his ankle and filming for the movie has been cancelled for 4 months as a result. A source from the production team has said ‘The injury is worse than was at first feared. Tom did serious damage and will need months to recover.’.

    In the movie Cruise will reprise his role as US operative Ethan Hunt and Tom ha said that this movie will be “the most exciting movie in the franchise’s history”, Mission impossible 6 was going to be released in summer 2018 however it is now thought that the new movie will be released sometime around Christmas 2018 instead.

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    Usain Bolt injured in his final race in the men’s relay

    Sadly Usain Bolts final race in the men’s relay at the world athletics championships has ended disastrously after he fails to cross the finishing line. Jamaica was looking good in the race with good pass overs of the baton however in the final leg as Usain Bolt was about to chase down team GB and team USA before was struck down by an apparent leg injury most likely a hamstring injury after a few strides.

    This race only adds to Usain Bolts disappointing performance in the world championships, after already losing his world champion title in the 100m to Justin Gatlin, who has been banned twice from competing because of taking drugs.

    As Bolt lay injured on the track a wheelchair was pushed out to him however Usain refused to end his final race being pushed on a wheelchair and decided to hobble to the finish line instead.

    This is very sad news indeed for Bolt as it ends his career on a low something Usain Bolt does not deserve. Despite his short comings in his final races Usain Bolts legacy will still live on. There will undoubtedly be a void left in track racing now that Bolt will not be racing. Usain Bolt is a true inspirational athlete that helped redefine athletics and running at a time and he will have had a profound impact upon many people who will look at him as a true role model.
    With Usain Bolt unable to finish the race Great Britain was able to take victory with a time of 37.47 seconds whilst the United States came second with a time of 37.52 seconds.

    Four-time Olympic gold medallist athlete Michael Johnson praised the British team of Mitchell-Blake, Gemili, CJ Ujah and Danny Talbot.

    Saying after the race “An amazing and outstanding performance from that British team.

    “They beat everyone fair and square. They delivered on a night when everyone was here – not necessarily to see this.

    “Adam Gemili was just ridiculous down the back stretch. He opened up a gap that was always going to be hard for anyone to chase down.”

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    Amazon evades tax paying 50% less cooperation tax!

    Amazon has revealed that it has managed to cut its cooperation tax by 50% by paying only £7 million opposed to £15 million the year before. Amazons excuse is that its profits have slided saying the company has apparently only made £48 million in profit this year. However annual sales for Amazon in the U.K. have grew to over £7.3billion. To add further rub things in Amazon collected £1.3million back from the taxman. The company has a world wide market capitalization of over $430 billion and Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon and is the second richest person in the world worth $83.6 billion.. but how can he be so rich if amazon struggles to make a profit? Many small business owners will find this latest news hard to swallow as many small businesses online and on the high street amazon thrives at the expense of these uk businesses.
    Labour MP Margaret Hodge has urged consumers to booycott the company saying

    She said: “It remains outrageous that Amazon are so blasé that they can ignore all the anger that their failure to pay fair tax in this country.

    “It is a scandal they are deliberately manipulating the way they do their business for no other purpose than to avoid tax.”

    “I hope people take a leaf out of my book and stop using Amazon.

    “If we stop using Amazon then they may understand how angry their customers are.”

    This is not tax avoidance but blatant tax EVASION by Amazon using clever accountants to cook its books in order to pay less cooperation tax than it should be paying. A criminal investigation MUST be done. Jeff Bezos needs to be locked. If this was any other smaller UK businesses HMRC would not be so which begs the question who’s side are the tories actually on?
    Is it time that amazon was broken up?
    Amazon’s monopoly on online commerce is corrosive and is harmful to both small businesses and consumers. Amazon is quickly turning into the go to location for ordering things online. This forces many smaller businesses to rely on third party selling on amazon to do business on the internet. In effect creating a tax (how ironic) that small businesses have to pay amazon to sell. Not only do small owners have to pay this amazon selling tax they also at the mercy of amazon. Amazon will regularly trample on third party sellers on its marketplace by practicing anti competitive behaviour to promote their own products to the expense of third party sellers and consumers.
    Amazon even wants to get rid of its own workforce by developing AI systems such as automated drone delivery and ai warehouse pickers. Amazon is not innovative the web giant simply uses tactics such as buying up companys to expand as well as using its vast wealth to undercut competition and taking the loss on the chin to wipe out competition (only to increase prices when competition has been wiped out).

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    Worldstores review: Avoid at all costs!

    Worldstores is part of the Globe Online Limited owned by the Dunelm group (I guess Dulnelm is on the list of stores to boycott) Worldstores uses a network of different websites that it uses to draw in its victims including:

    Garden furniture world

    Worldstores also trade on eBay and amazon.

    The internet is littered with complaints written by customers who have been scammed by this company. The most common complaint customers have is that Worldstores simply took their money and ran off refusing to deliver the goods or give a refund. With negative reviews dating back years it appears as though this company has been scamming people for a long time and CONTINUES to get away with it without any repercussions.
    What Worldstores is doing is fraud on a mass scale and is generating £100m in annual sales as a result.

    Worldstores does not have a big warehouse anywhere they are just an office which mean they do not own any of the stock, they only (maybe) buy in stock from cheap manufacturers or importers as and when they get an order.
    When ordering from one of Worldstores websites there is an extremely high chance that what you are ordering will not arrive.

    It appears to be management policy, in a lot of cases, to simply take your money without any intention of fulfilling your order and in other cases supplying you with inferior or faulty goods.

    When searching for Worldstores reviews online one of the first results that greets those looking to see if Worldstores is a safe place to buy is trustpilot. Due to trustpilots disingenuous review system that enables Worldstores to “manage” their review by paying trustpilot a fee. This means Worldstores can delete negative reviews and create bogus positive reviews. Some trustpilot reviewers have spotted this and posted about this problem only for their post to disappear.

    Worldstores parent company, Dunelm, must be seen as being complicit since purchasing Worldstores in September of last year and choosing not to change their policy of deliberately misleading customers.

    If Worldstores has scammed you then you can visit http://www.actionfraud.police.uk to report them for fraud, report them to trading standards, BBC Watchdog or persue them through the courts. Your credit card company should be able to make a claim against them as should your bank through your debit card provider (Visa or MasterCard). Do NOT allow them to get away with your money. Do NOT give up the fight.

    You can also comment below to share your experience with this awful company and warn others not to buy from them.

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    Cow looks like Kiss rocker Gene Simmons

    A picture of a cow that looks like rockstar Gene Simmons from Kiss has gone viral.
    The picture is of Genie the cow who was born on Friday at a ranch in Kerrville, Texas. Just like the rocker Genie the cow features the same markings and also loves to stick out its tongue.
    Hill Country Visitor, a tourism agency Located near the ranch where the cow was born posted on Facebook the images of Gene Simmon’s new doppelgänger and joked that Gene might be the dad posting “Where were you on or about November 25, 2016?” Gene Simmons is’nt offended by people suggesting that he looks like a cow by tweeting “This is real, folks!!!”.

    Last month Gene Simmons dropped his legal challenge to trademark the “devil horns” hand gesture synonymous to rock music. Gene Simmons said that he invented it back in 1974. However others pointed out that the hand gesture was used in American Sign Language for “I love you”so cannot be trademarked.

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    AMD Vega unveiled and it is a failure

    Amd has finally revealed their new high end gaming graphics card Vega at this years SIGGRAPH event. After more than a year of bigging up their new graphics card the card looks as though it is going to be a complete flop. AMD maybe good at marketing but they sure aren’t any good at making decent graphics cards. AMD even hired Linus from linustechtips to do an unboxing at the SIGGRAPH event to show off the new card in an attempt to dazzle the masses with their shiny new piece of hardware whilst restricting people from actually testing the cards hoping that people would not notice the underwhelming performance of the card. Not only does the new vega graphics card fail to beat nvidia’s year old graphics cards in raw performance AMD has used expensive HMB2 memory to build vega which means the card is priced exactly the same as Nvidia’s! Furthermore the power consumption of the new vega graphics cards is actually a lot more than that of the Nvidia’s cards so will cost you more in electricity bills in the long run.

    Vega will come in a number of different variants including the vega 64 and 56 which will be released later this month.
    The Vega 64 is priced at $499 and will compete with the Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card. Gaming is expected to perform a little bit better than the 1080 in optimized games such as DOOM but not by much. There will also be a water cooler version of this card which will be priced at $699. The Water cooled version is priced the same as Nvidia’s GTX 1080ti card but is less powerful in terms of perfromance accordin to AMD’S own released benchmarks. This graphics card will have 12.66 TFLOPS, 64 compute units, 4,096 stream processors, and 8GB of advanced HBM2 memory, 484GBps of bandwidth and will be clocked at 1,247MHz with a boost clock of 1,546MHz. The Vega 56 will launch for just $399 and is going to be battling against the Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics card. This card will have 10.5 TFLOPS, 6 compute units, 3,584 stream processors, 8GB of HBM2 RAM, 410GBps of bandwidth, and will be clocked at 1,156MHz with 1,471 boost clock.

    What makes these graphics card even more of a failure for AMD is the fact that Nvidias will be releasing a new line of Volta cards. Volta will be released sometime in early 2018 which are rumoured to be 40% faster and a lot more power efficient making amd vega look pretty lame.

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    Putin gets revenge and kicks out 755 US diplomats

    Putin has ordered out 755 US diplomats from Russia as JUSTICE for new US sanctions trying to cripple the Russian economy. The current sanctions imposed by America were in response of alleged Russian meddling in the us elections and Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.

    Russia has also seized holiday homes and a warehouse belonging to the us diplomats. The diplomats must leave Russia by 1st September and will  bring us officials working in Russia to 455 the same number of Russian diplomats currently working in Washington.

    Putin has warned that more action maybe taken against America if things do not change, however currently Putin is against such further action saying  “I am against it as of today.”.

    In December president Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats and seized 2 Russian compounds in America after Hillary Clintons email server was hacked and the Russians were blamed (no evidence was ever found to support this).

    Putin has offered an olive branch to America by suggesting Russia and the US work together to create a de-escalation zone in southern Syria to help stop fighting in the country and get rid of Islamic extremists something Donald Trump and Putin both want.



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    Church in Canada turns into makeshift mosque

    An Anglican Church in Leamington (how ironic) Canada has decided to turn into a mosque in an effort to make Syrian refugees feel welcome. During the Muslim so called holy month of Ramadan hundreds of muslims attended this church/mosque to pray. Muslim community leader  Taha Halabi said “We tried to show the community in Leamington, and everywhere in Ontario, that Muslims and Christians are hand to hand,”.

    Charlotte McDonald a parishioner from the church said “That’s just reaching out and saying here we are together — brothers and sisters of this earth, regardless of religion, creed, color, it doesn’t matter.”

    However many critics have rightly criticised the church for accommodating a  false religion and is a betrayal of Jesus. This church should not be pandering to Islam but should instead be working to steer these Syrian refugees to Jesus instead. In Mathew 21:12 there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves. This shows that church is for worshipping god and should not be used for anything else. The pastors of this church should not be massaging their liberal egos by showing the world how “accepting” they are by letting Islam take over the church. At the St. Mary’s Episcopal church in glasgow Rev. Dr. Gavin Ashenden resigned from the church after an islamic preacher was invited to the church to make a speech. In the speech the islamic preacher read passages from the Quran denying that Jesus is the Son of God.

    Rev. Dr. Gavin Ashenden told the telegraph that “”There are things we should not tolerate because they are destructive,” and added that christians in the middle east were “suffering dreadful persecution at the hands of Muslims,”.

    It is highly unlikely that a mosque in suadi arabia would invite a priest to come and tell the truth in one of their mosques.. so why should we put up with muslims coming to churches spewing lies. Instead churches should aim to do what this church is doing in Berlin.

    You can read more about this story here http://www.christianpost.com/news/anglican-priests-kneel-beside-muslims-in-prayer-at-canadian-church-doubling-as-mosque-193315/

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