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    Jay-z named richest rapper with net-worth of $900 million

    Forbes have just rolled out their latest list for the Forbes Five: Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists 2018 list and on the list Forbes have named JAY-Z as the richest rapper of all time with an estimated net-worth of $900 million. according to Forbes, JAY-Z, who elevated from $810 million in 2017 to $900 million, reached nearly […] More

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    Chris Rock: ‘I Want to Live in a World Where An Equal Amount of White Kids Are Shot Every Month’

    Chris Rock debuted his new show “Tamborine” Wednesday night on NetFlix, however many have took to twitter to express their disgust after the comedian jokes about killing white kids in the show. Rock’s started the show by making fun of law enforcement by generalizing the police as just a group of racists who shoot innocent […] More

  • Footreviver arch support insoles

    These are just the best! I wear them all the time inside my shoes and they support my feet really well. They are made out of carbon fiber which means that they are very lightweight and aren't bulky like so many other insoles. I wear them for everyday use and inside my running shoes and […] More

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    Kim Jong-un Impersonator at winter Olympics

    A Kim Jong-un impersonator calling himself “Howard” has apparently trolled North Korea, after walking past North Korean cheer leaders dancing and waving a Korean unification flag during a hockey match in Gangneung, South Korea. At the united Korea vs Japan womens' hockey game, an apparent Kim Jong-un impersonator starts dancing in front of North Korean […] More

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    Pierce Brosnan could face jail time

    Officials in the Indian capital Delhi say they have asked actor Pierce Brosnan to explain why he appeared in an ad for a local mouth freshener gum that has been linked with an addictive form of chewing tobacco. James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan could face a fine or even jail in India if he fails […] More

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    Charlie Sheen accused of murder

    Lenny Dykstra has accused Charlie Sheen of murder in a string of allegations made in a interview with reporters. One of the most significant claims that Dykstra has alleged against the actor is that Sheen murdered his ex-assistant Rick Calamaro. The former MLB star blamed the actor for causing Calamaro’s overdose, and believes that Sheen […] More

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    Google Home Censors Christianity!

    Google Home is the latest must have gadget… you can no longer turn on your tv with out being bombarded by annoying adverts telling you to buy one. The main feature of the Google home is its Hands-free help from the Google Assistant which will allow you to “Get answers, play songs, tackle your day, […] More

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    Michael Douglas sexual harassment: Women claims he fondled crotch in front of her

    Susan Braudy, a former executive at Warner Bros studios has told reporters for the first time how Michael Douglas repeatedly harassed her verbally and fondled himself in front of her when she worked for him in the 1980s. Michael Douglas has strongly denied these allegations calling them a “fabrication”. Speaking to new reporters Susan Braudy said […] More

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    Swedish police station bombed in terrorist attack

    A police station in a migrant area of Rosengård in Malmo Sweden has been targeted by “terrorists” after a hand grenade detonated outside the police station. Local news reports have said that the explosion was caused by a hand grenade being thrown at the police station. Luckily nobody was hurt during the attack and only […] More

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    Noel Gallagher calls Jeremy Corbyn a communist

    Speaking to Paste magazine, Noel Gallagher who currently has a new album out called “Who built the moon?” has said exactly what he thinks about the labor leader Jeremy Corbyn by calling him out as a communist. “F*** Jeremy Corbyn. He’s a Communist.” he told the magazine. Noel also had some choice words for Donald […] More

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