Worldstores review: Avoid at all costs!

Is Worldstores legit? Erm no!

Worldstores is part of the Globe Online Limited owned by the Dunelm group (I guess Dulnelm is on the list of stores to boycott) Worldstores uses a network of different websites that it uses to draw in its victims including:

Garden furniture world

Worldstores also trade on eBay and amazon.

The internet is littered with complaints written by customers who have been scammed by this company. The most common complaint customers have is that Worldstores simply took their money and ran off refusing to deliver the goods or give a refund. With negative reviews dating back years it appears as though this company has been scamming people for a long time and CONTINUES to get away with it without any repercussions.
What Worldstores is doing is fraud on a mass scale and is generating £100m in annual sales as a result.

Worldstores does not have a big warehouse anywhere they are just an office which mean they do not own any of the stock, they only (maybe) buy in stock from cheap manufacturers or importers as and when they get an order. This means when ordering from one of Worldstores websites there is an extremely high chance that what you are ordering will not arrive.

It appears to be management policy, in a lot of cases, to simply take your money without any intention of fulfilling your order and in other cases supplying you with inferior or faulty goods.

When searching for Worldstores reviews online one of the first results that greets those looking to see if Worldstores is a safe place to buy is trustpilot. Due to trustpilots disingenuous review system that enables Worldstores to “manage” their review by paying trustpilot a fee. This means Worldstores can delete negative reviews and create bogus positive reviews. Some trustpilot reviewers have spotted this and posted about this problem only for their post to disappear.

Worldstores parent company, Dunelm, must be seen as being complicit since purchasing Worldstores in September of last year and choosing not to change their policy of deliberately misleading customers.

If Worldstores has scammed you then you can visit to report them for fraud, report them to trading standards, BBC Watchdog or persue them through the courts. Your credit card company should be able to make a claim against them as should your bank through your debit card provider (Visa or MasterCard). Do NOT allow them to get away with your money. Do NOT give up the fight.

You can also comment below to share your experience with this awful company and warn others not to buy from them.

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  1. I ordered a £120 mattress via mattressworld and after reading reviews online about how bad the company was I decided to cancel the order. Despite sending multiple emails to Worldstores my emails were simply ignored. I then contacted my credit card company to cancel the payment which was still pending.. my credit card company told me that if Worldstores doesn’t accept the payment then I should be okay. After a few days despite telling Worldstores that I did not want the mattress Worldstores took the money… even more infuriating was the fact that this was long time after the mattress was supposed to arrive (Worldstores promised next day delivery on their website). I then rang Worldstores to ask why they took my money even though I told them that I wanted to cancel the order and asked why they hadn’t delivered the mattress. Worldstores then told me that they had no record of my transaction and that I had not placed an order. I rang my credit card company who assured me that Worldstores had received my money in full and that they will have records of my transaction because they manually had to accept the payment for it to go through. I am now filling a complaint with my credit card company to try to get my money back. If anyone is thinking about buying from any Worldstores site then think again… the people behind Worldstores are thieves and liars and should not be trusted at all! #scumbags

  2. Did not receive bed I ordered. Worldstores refused to refund me had to file a complaint with credit card company just to get money back. Hope everyone reports this company to action fraud to get the con artists behind this site locked up.

  3. Is this the biggest cowboy firm ever? MOST CERTAINLY. This company scammed me out of £100 by not delivering a bed I bought. I rang them up and the person said that they have no record of my purchase!!!! The twitter feed of this company is just full of complaints, so must be scamming people on a huge scale constantly.

  4. A highly unethical & fraudulent company with zero integrity: 1 received 1 case of 24 cans of my order of 10 cases. I called and after i tried 5 times. they said i only ordered 10 cans of dog food. that was $8.20 per can ? no way ! i get a can for .47 at wal-mart. his attitude was that he didn’t care to help me resolve this in any way so i am out $82.01 thanks for committing this fraud on me

  5. Don’t be deceived by this company. They have no intention of delivering your goods they will simply take your money and then refuse to even acknowledge that you even made an order with them. That’s what happened to me and it took a months and a bank investigation just to get my money back. Their twitter feed is a complete joke and full of customer complaints, I really should of did my research before buying with them would have saved me a lot of time and stress.

  6. #METOO
    I wont bore you with the details of how they conned me but what I will say is that It is so obvious that they are making FAKE reviews on their trustpilot page. They are doing this in and effort to drown out the THOUSANDS of negative reviews from real customers that they have scammed. Hopefully this post will get above trustpilot on google and let everyone know exactly what this company is like when people search for them.

  7. I really cannot believe that this business is allowed to still operate. They are not legit one single bit, they are the biggest scammers ever! If you order something from them then they will not deliver it and will even refuse to give you a refund… this happened to me and by the looks of it a lot of other people to.

  8. I got scammed by them. The worldstores trustpilot page is a joke. OBV they are creating fake reviews.. you can tell because all of their positive reviews are very short.. only 1 or two sentences long, bad grammar (probably computer generated) and created by people with no other reviews. But even though they are creating all of these fake reviews they still cannot get their star rating up because of all the bad reviews they get anyway LOL.

  9. I think shopping on this site is like Russian roulette. I bought a bed from them and it came without any problems so i decided to buy a mattress from them and I never go it. You might get your order or you might not…it depends if they can be bothered or not to process your order.

    I will never buy from this site again. Will stick with big name brands such as John Lewis, Mark and Spencer’s etc from now on.

  10. Here is my review.. THEY SUCK AND RAN OFF WITH MY MONEY!!!

    What I want to know is why this company hasn’t been shut down and criminal fraud charges put against them???

  11. World stores are thieves plain and simple. We’ve paid £414 for furniture that has not arrived . Disgusting that the government allow this company to keep trading.

  12. We purchased a bed via them for my son and girlfriend. They have a wooden floor in the flat. The bed after a few months is broken. They claim the manufacturer instructions stated that it would need protection to stop it slipping. The instructions we received with the bed from Worldstore did not state that. Even if they did surely this should be highlighted at the time of purchase – who ever heard of a bed not being suitable for a bedroom?!
    Every contact with them has passed the responsibility to the manufacturer. We did not purchase from the manufacturer.
    My recommendation is to never purchase anything from this company – they have no interest in you as a customer.

  13. I am quite surprised with amount of online complaints about this company that it is still allowed to operate! Why have the police not shut it down already?

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