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Winter strike action: It’s a pro-Putin commie attack on our country

Communist strike action

Lately it feels like our our country is being torn apart by commies.

It is rather annoying that nobody in this country seems to have the guts to tell the NHS staff, postmen and railway workers etc etc who are going on strike just how greedy and selfish they are being. For example NHS nurses despite them pleading poverty on the far-left BBC news everyday are not on the breadline far from it in fact. They are greedy liars who have a comfortable public sector jobs with secure pay and HUGE pensions. They do no need or deserve a pay rise of 19% because they are already on enough money and constantly rejecting government pay offers because its not enough shows just how greedy they are being when average person almost never gets a pay rise. The starting salary for a nurse straight out of training is £27, 000 a year and they can earn well over £45, 000+ a year if they become a senior nurse. Ambulance workers are also on strike and refusing to help people suffering from STROKES. These people are not bothered at all about patient safety like they claim they are just greedy bastards wanting more at the expense of the rest of us.

The NHS did a terrible job during the covid pandemic. Their sheer incompetence and negligence led to us to having one of the worst death rates in the developing world and we will still be seeing the physical and mental effects of their FAILURE for years to come. So if you ask me I say they deserve a pay decrease rather than a pay rise.

The strikes that we are seeing this winter strikes are damaging UK businesses who are struggling to keep afloat after the pandemic and rising energy bills, putting peoples lives at risk who need hospital treatment and will make us all poorer by pushing up inflation even more. This would mean that the nations finances would be hit and we would no longer be able help supply the war in Ukraine. This could potentially pressurize the government into lifting the sanctions on Russia to buy cheap oil and gas from them to keep the nation from going bankrupt.

The real reason behind these deviously timed and coordinated strikes is not to get a pay rise for workers and improve working conditions but to hit the UK economy. The strikes are being orchestrated by Far-left union bosses such as the RMT union boss Mick Lynch and the CWU union boss David Ward who are Pro-putin stooges who want to see the soviet union re-established.

We should not let these greedy lazy, entitled pigs win and we certainly should not let this attack on our country from soviet union infiltrators continue.

What do you think?

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