Will Donald Trump win a second term as president?

According to a recent CNN Poll a rising share of Americans think that Trump will win a second term in 2020.

We hear every day about the hostile environment Trump “enables” with every word he utters. Yet nothing is made of the endless hyperbole at every aspect of his presidency, the continual condemnation of Trump supporters, and endless connections made with him and Nazism or racism. Nearly all mainstream centre or centre-left media seems to condone this while left-wing media practically screams it – they’ve become the new FOX News or birther-movement. So why wouldn’t well-meaning people think it their duty to not only turn up and oppose his visit but to scream at anyone who doesn’t agree them? If you’re not being anti-Trump, your’re being pro-Trump and literally a nazi.

Isn’t it a problem that this is an environment we seem comfortable with?

Meanwhile, back in Kansas, the US economy rumbles along, confidence is high, employment (especially amongst black and Latino’s…you know, the ones Trump hates) hits ever greater highs, the country is doing damn well. You are welcome to make the case that this has nothing to do with Trump’s presidency, but the undeniable fact is this is the state of the US while Trump in charge. There is no mass roll-back in civil rights, quite the opposite – from gay marriage to the over-use of US military power, Trump is arguably more liberal and less extreme than Obama.

Yet, if you follow the media, if you follow the protests, you’d be forgiven for thinking the US in 2019 is where Germany was in 1930s. It is the cruelest, harshest of times, one presidential pronouncement away from Kristallnacht. Of course we need to scream at as many red-hatted old men, or dox as many MAGA hat wearing school kids as possible. Everything is at stake.

So as more Americans than ever are managing to put food on the table, what do you think they think when sat at those dinner tables, watching clips like this? Seeing the joy on the faces of a mob of middle-aged, middle-class, indignant and righteous liberals, who claim to uphold the values that Trump so obviously lacks? Smirking as a Trump supporter has a milkshake thrown over them? For all the talk of how he represents something so evil, the Democrats and the Left are as attractive as a fart in an elevator, giving no alternative and providing little evidence that they offer a better alternative. At least Trump doesn’t pretend to be something he isn’t.

What do you think?

Written by James

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  1. Trump is more liberal than Obama? Laughable. Abortion rulings in southern states show that. Transgender military ban? Removing protections for gay partners in domestic violence cases.

    The economy, its on the same path now it was under Obama, it’s improved in some aspects but confidence is high? Farm bankruptcies are constant. Up from when Obama was in charge. The trade war is really impacting. Where are those coal jobs?

    Trump doesn’t pretend to be something he isn’t? That must be the most ludicrous comment ever?!

    Self made millionaire? We know that isn’t true.

    He’s on about how he’d like to serve, says he had his own Vietnam.. avoided serving, donated to the Dems, why do you think he won’t release his tax returns? Plays the good family man and pays porn stars off. Says he hates cover ups and has now admitted he paid for numerous cover ups. He doesn’t have one ounce of integrity in his body.

    The media and harsh times. That was the same in 2015 on the conservative side. Trump said the real unemployment was 25%, when it was 4% under Obama, now its 3.5% those figures tell the truth. The country was supposedly a mess when it was moving along nicely.

    • > Trump is more liberal than Obama? Laughable.

      In some areas he is. But that doesn’t t fit the orangeman-bad narrative.

      > Abortion rulings in southern states show that.

      Entirely understandable. State rights and a view that it’s not simply a question of mother’s rights. You can agree or disagree with abortion laws all you want, but the mantra of “my body, my choice” is a dumb oversimplification – your body your choice to terminate a 7-month foetus…good luck logically justifying that.

      > Transgender military ban? Removing protections for gay partners in domestic violence cases.

      Fine. How many deportations happened in Obama’s presidency and how many drone strikes?

      I love Obama, but the black-white narrative is absurd.

      > He doesn’t have one ounce of integrity in his body.

      Yep. And? How is it impacting you directly? Hes hardly achieving the scale of destruction the Torys and Labour along with GWB did in invading Iraq.

      >The media and harsh times. That was the same in 2015 on the conservative side.

      Yep. Great stuff. The Dems have become just like the tea-party movement and media of the time. So much for being a better option.

      • The lying and discontent is huge. I teach in a poor school and see the divide, in a conservative school I’d taught at I’d hear supposedly christian kids chanting build the wall. I think he’s really pulled at the fabric of America. I live here, he’s had a massive negative impact. FFS we have nazi’s marching on the streets of the US and the president saying ‘good people on both sides’. He’s an absolute disgrace.

        My kids uncle just got legalized, undocumented Mexican, lived here over a decade, suddenly since Trump got in he gets his business signs smashed up. They lived in fear pf raids. For a while he was very scared to leave the house because of the immigration raids. Obama did deport, but targeted. He didn’t raid a house and round up anyone without papers which is happening now. He’s obviously not an Obama fan but Obama deported people generally after due process. If immigration raided a house or business they generally only arrested those they were after. Now its anyone without papers.

        Its quite funny, I was listening to a conservative talk show and a farmer called in and said stop targeting the illegals. he has no fruit pickers. The host argued back but the agricultural industry is getting shafted by the labor issues and trade wars. Trump’s losing the farmers.

  2. Some of the things he says and does are harsh, but he is better than any one we have in our political system. I laughed when he called the Mayor of London a stone cold Loser. More like a stoned cold loser money grabbing twat looking at the recent Torie drug habit revelations.

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