Wacom to release 24inch and 27inch cintiq pro tablets

Wacom has announced that they are going to be expanding their cintiq pro line by adding a 24inch variant and a massive 32 inch variant. The 32inch tablet will be the biggest tablet that Wacom has ever created since the company was created in 1983. Both the new models will feature Wacom new pro pen 2 technology and will have 4K displays and no parallax. The new tablets will be released in January 2018 a year since Wacom released the smaller cintiq pro models.

The price of the new models is expected to be very steap with wacom stating that the new tablets will cost between £1,549 to £2,556. With the various Chinese copycat tablets on the market and with the new 27inch dell canvas coming out this summer Wacom has stiff competition. So it  is surprising that Wacom still thinks that it can demand such a high price for their tablets. Wacom has however reduced the RRP of its other big tablets, reducing the 22HD Pen Display is dropping by £100 and the 27qhd and touch version will drop by £350.

The images of the new cintiq pro models shows that Wacom has opted to not to include a stand for the new models. This means Wacom has chosen to ignore customer complaints about wacom’s cintiq 27qhd model not having a stand. This problem caused many using it to suffer from bad backs due to the poor drawing angle of the tablet meaning you had to slouch over the tablet for long periods. #cheapskates

This is good news for artists but bad news for their wallets.



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  1. This is good news I was expecting wacom to do this and luckily I sold my cintiq 27qhd second hand on eBay for more than the now reduced rrp. 😉 Hope that there isn’t even a slight parallax on these big tablets and is just a bigger version of the current cintiq pro models. Think wacom should reduce the price a bit too obv.

  2. Hopefully these will be better than the cintiq 27qhd. I couldn’t use the 27qhd because the parallax got on my nerves so much. It was big but you were limited to a small section in the middle of the screen…any deviation would exaggerate the parallax too much.

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