Usain Bolt to start playing football!


It has been confirmed that 9 times Olympic gold medallist Usain bolt will training as a football player with Borussia Dortmund football team in Germany (Lets hope he can speak German!). This news comes after Usain Bolt stated that he will be retiring from professional athletics after the next athletics world championships in 2017.. this further news is probably extra confirmation that Usain Bolt will no longer be concentrating on running but focusing on other things instead.

Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive at the age of 30 his football career will not last that long as when you reach 30 in the footballing world that is when you start to think of retiring… but having said that Usain Bolt has lots of world records under his belt and a reputation as being the best in his sport and will not want to loose this reputation as being the best of the best, so it will be still extremely interesting to see if Usain Bolt can use his speed to become the best footballer around even at the age of 30!

Usain Bolt it is expected that when Usain Bolt starts training he will be doing so with Dortmund’s star players such as Mario Gotze, Marco Reus, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.


Usain Bolt has said that he wants to see what happens adding “In my mind, I think I should do a trial and see if they would say ‘Alright, come on in’ or if they would say ‘No, you are not any good.’ . Usain Bolt is also a big Manchester United Fan and made no doubt that if he can he will play for Manchester united by saying “For me, if I could get to play for Manchester United, that would be like a dream come true.” !


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