Usain Bolt injured in his final race in the men’s relay

Shock and disappointment as Usain Bolt fails to finish his final race

Sadly Usain Bolts final race in the men’s relay at the world athletics championships has ended disastrously after he fails to cross the finishing line. Jamaica was looking good in the race with good pass overs of the baton however in the final leg as Usain Bolt was about to chase down team GB and team USA before was struck down by an apparent leg injury most likely a hamstring injury after a few strides.

This race only adds to Usain Bolts disappointing performance in the world championships, after already losing his world champion title in the 100m to Justin Gatlin, who has been banned twice from competing because of taking drugs.

As Bolt lay injured on the track a wheelchair was pushed out to him however Usain refused to end his final race being pushed on a wheelchair and decided to hobble to the finish line instead.

This is very sad news indeed for Bolt as it ends his career on a low something Usain Bolt does not deserve. Despite his short comings in his final races Usain Bolts legacy will still live on. There will undoubtedly be a void left in track racing now that Bolt will not be racing. Usain Bolt is a true inspirational athlete that helped redefine athletics and running at a time and he will have had a profound impact upon many people who will look at him as a true role model.
With Usain Bolt unable to finish the race Great Britain was able to take victory with a time of 37.47 seconds whilst the United States came second with a time of 37.52 seconds.

Four-time Olympic gold medallist athlete Michael Johnson praised the British team of Mitchell-Blake, Gemili, CJ Ujah and Danny Talbot.

Saying after the race “An amazing and outstanding performance from that British team.

“They beat everyone fair and square. They delivered on a night when everyone was here – not necessarily to see this.

“Adam Gemili was just ridiculous down the back stretch. He opened up a gap that was always going to be hard for anyone to chase down.”

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