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TrustPilot deletes reviews!

Don’t trust TrustPilot. Customers should be wary of trusting the reviews on TrustPilot and businesses should not succumb to the pressure from this online extortion racket.

Here is why:

  1. TrustPilot gets paid to remove negative reviews
    TrustPilots whole business model is based around businesses paying them to manage their reviews and scores. If a business that is subscribed to one of Trustpilots business plans receives a negative review they simply have to report it to Trustpilot and they will remove it for them even if the review is perfectly legitimate and comes from a real customer. Sometimes it doesn’t even take the business in question to report a review for TrustPilot to automatically remove it if that business is a lucrative client to protect their Trustpilot rating. Maintaining worthless TrustPilot rating for businesses is how Trustpilot make their money. So, if you are wanting to share your negative experience with others don’t bother sharing it on Trustpilot because chances are the review will simply get removed and you will just be wasting your time.
  2. TrustPilot is full to the BRIM of fake reviews created by bots
    TrustPilot is super fast at removing negative reviews for its clients however they will not remove obvious fake positive reviews. Businesses that pay Trustpilot are allowed to set up bots to post FAKE reviews on their pages to boost their score and improve/fake their online reputation. Fake reviews on TrustPilot are very obvious to spot. They are often written in broken English, just a few sentences in length, extremely generalized and posted from accounts with no other reviews. Websites such as Fivver is also one place where businesses owners can buy fake reviews from if they do not know how to set up their own bot. A lot of dodgy businesses on TrustPilot are doing it and getting away with it because TrustPilot does not care because they are getting paid from them.
  3. Websites that promote their TrustPilot rating shouldn’t be trusted
    You should always question businesses that promote their “excellent” TrustPilot rating and you shouldn’t just take their word for it. Businesses that pay TrustPilot are give extras rights such as the ability to use their banners to show off their apparent rating. If they are bragging about having such an excellent TrustPilot rating then you need to be suspicious of this because chances are they probably have been CENSORING their customers feedback!
  4. TrustPilot are extortionists
    If you are a small business and do not subscribe to one of Trustpilots business plans they will try to force you. Many small businesses owners online have complained that TrustPilot has actively tried ruining their online reputations. There are numerous reports that can be found online of small businesses owners suffering from a flood of fake reviews posted on their TrustPilot pages straight after a TrustPilot rep cold calls them and try to get them to buy one of their businesses plans.
  5. Having a TrustPilot page is more hassle than its worth
    Despite TrustPilot’s claims having a Trustpilot page does NOT help with search engine Optimization and make you rank higher as a result. It is far more beneficial to collect reviews and post them directly on your own website than having them all on Trustpilot. Having reviews on your own website helps too boost the amount of engaging content on your own website helping you to rank… having a TrustPilot page is expensive and can be easily abused by Trustpilot and your competitors to ruin your business. Its just not worth the time and effort.

TrustPilot is a bad website and their ratings are not worth the paper they are written on. They are run by unscrupulous jerks who are trying to extort money from small businesses online and trick customers into thinking websites that pay them are legit with FAKE reviews and ratings.

If you have had a bad experience on TrustPilot please feel free to post your review in the comments below because I would love to here from you!

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  1. Trustpilot even deletes positive reviews if your a business getting legit reviews from customers and not paying trustpilot… they obviously keep the negative ones just to prompt you into buying their plans. This is what happened to me. Trustpilot is an extortion racket plain and simple.

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