Transvestite troll Professor Neil Ferguson is warning of a “substantial” covid third wave

Update: Since this post was written over 2 months ago there has been no “substantial” covid third wave and Professor Neil Ferguson has been proven wrong. In fact we have seen a continual decline in covid 19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths despite covid restrictions being eased considerably and life getting back to almost normal. This proves that the vaccines are working and that Neil Fergusons predictions were a load of crap and were not based upon any real scientific evidence only his own sadistic wishful thinking.

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Transvestite troll Professor Neil Ferguson is warning (scaremongering) of a “substantial” third wave of covid 19. According to his unsubstantiated modelling he predicts that the UK will face another wave of covid because of the Indian variant that he says is 40-80% more transmissible (a ridiculous margin of error). However these predictions come only days after scientists were pushing for a delay in the easing of lockdown restrictions on June 21st because they didn’t have enough data.

Professor Neil Ferguson really should not be trusted or allowed to appear on tv just to troll everybody. During the first lockdown Neil Ferguson was revealed to be secretly breaking lockdown rules to have an affair. He is liar who is not bothered about saving lives and is actually putting peoples lives in danger by relentlessly spouting doomsday nonsense on national television. Right through the pandemic Neil Ferguson has been regularly appearing on news programs wearing LIPSTICK trolling the general public with unproven hypothetical crap with the purpose of ripping peoples hope away and getting a sadistic kick out of it.

Lockdown has had a severe effect upon peoples mental health and suicide deaths are currently higher than covid deaths. Many people are struggling to cope with the lockdown and the restrictions and holding onto the hope that after 16 months of restrictions things will start to get back to normal soon. There is simply no reason for the current restrictions. A recent study has shown that 8 out of 10 people in the UK now have covid antibodies. With the vast majority of elderly and most vulnerable now FULLY vaccinated the vaccine rollout has broken the link between cases and hospitalizations. The threat that covid poses is now not by any stretch of the imagination the threat it once was. By deliberately trolling on tv Professor Neil Ferguson is putting peoples lives in danger by ripping their hope away and making it seem as though lockdown and the restrictions will never end.

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  1. Neil Fergusson is a complete and utter liar with an agenda. There should be a review on all these government scientists to check for vested/conflicts of interests. I cannot believe Patrick Vallance was allowed to stay in his job after it was revealed he had huge sums of cash invested in a vaccine company.

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