The Tories are plutocrats

This week it has been very clear what side George Osbourne is on and it isn’t the English peoples side! Despite China being on the verge of total financial collapse as Chinese stocks continue to plummet and then having a huge knock on effect to investors across the world George has stuck with guns and argues that we should still continue building up a strong financial relationship with China’s fake economy. We have already seen how China’s dumping of super cheap steel has led to the closure of steel factories and job losses here in the uk and how cheap Chinese exports are stifling UK small businesses.. but George doesn’t care he seems to think that letting foreign companies saturate our markets and filter out money from our economy will some how benefit us! The fact of the matter is George Osbourne could not give a stuff about this country or its people (Remember this is the scumbag that got booed at the Paralympics for taking away cutting disability benefits for the most vulnerable in our society) he is a plutocrat and a globalist! The only thing George Osbourne cares about one thing and that is big businesses and power!

George Osbourne plutocracy has also been made very clear in the recent tax settlement with google. Google has agreed to pay just £130 million in cooperation tax of the billion it has made in profits here in the UK after managing to put off paying tax for the last 10 years! £130 million is only 3% of googles profits and a long way off the 20% cooperation tax google should pay! Whilst George Osbourne and co hails this as a victory…. yes a victory for big businesses!

The Tories constant privatization of monopolies such as the royal mail and cuts to investments and support for the most vulnerable in society shows exactly the direction that the Tories want to take this country. The Tories are aiming to widen the gap between rich and poor and cement their influence and power by destroying social mobility once and for all.
Something that I find extremely disturbing is Ian Duncan Smiths latest invention… universal tax credits. Where people on benefits will be forced to buy what they need using this credit system.. a system that is extremely anti-competitive and will only benefit those BIG businesses that Ian Duncan smith lets into his system.

But it must not be forgotten that big companies like google have been avoiding paying tax even before the Tories grabbed into power. The labor party and the conservative party are pretty much identical in every way except the labor party strive for a government owned monopoly whereas the Tories will sell out to the highest bidder
I cannot see much changing if the labor did suddenly get into power so that being said do we really live in a democracy?

What do you think?

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  1. I completely agree! Tories are plutocrats and are sure not controlled by the voters. 75% of the uk population eligible to vote did not vote for the Tories to be in power but because voter turn out is only at around 66% this mean that the Tories could easily take the lead…….!

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