The pope talks with Google

The pope gets in talks with the devil (google)! According to reports on January  15th the pope had a meeting with Eric Schmidt CEO of Alphabet aka google! It is unknown what was exactly talked about in this meeting but Eric Schmidt wouldn’t be up to anything good that is for sure!
Why does the pope need meet with Eric Schmidt a atheist Jew who helps run one of the most aggressive monopolies in the world? I very much doubt Eric Schmidt was there to confess his sins as that would take all day.
Eric Schmidt is a weasel and this isn’t the first time he has had meetings with very important people. He has numerous meetings with president Obama and has donated (lobbied) heavily to his campaign.. so much so he landed a job at the white house as tech adviser a very good role to push googles interests in the white house… so it is very clear Eric Schmidt isn’t for democracy and isn’t for equality.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that google have zero morals and is nothing more than a self serving greedy company so why on earth did the pope have this meeting with Eric Schmidt?

Surely there are a lot more important things that the pope should be focusing on rather than talking with google.. for instance Isis trying to eradicate Christianity (Isis destroy 1400 year old monastery on Iraq).

I am starting to think that the catholic church wants to try and grab a piece of the google monopoly in exchange for divine backing to help get rid of googles unholy image? Or is it more sinister than that? After all google has been developing technology reminiscent of the mark of the beats described in the bible.
Some might say and some have such as Oliver Cromwell that the Catholic church is nothing more than a political power and nothing to do with Christianity and to me this just helps prove that idea!

What do you think?

Written by James

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