Taylor Swift releases new song “Look What You Made Me Do”

New single takes inspiration from 1992 “Im too sexy” song

Right Said Fred have been credited as writing Taylor Swifts new song in a bizarre collab.
The chorus of Taylor swifts new single “Look What You Made Me Do” has the same rhythm as right said fred’s 1992 one hit wonder song “Im too sexy”.

A spokesman for right said fred has also confirmed that before releasing the song Taylor Swift asked right said fred for permission. The new single credits list three members of Right Said Fred – Richard Fairbrass, Fred Bairbrass and Rob Manzoli – as songwriters alongside Swift and Jack Antonoff.

Pictures from new music video

In the song’s chorus Taylor Swift sings “Ooh, look what you made me do” which goes by the same tune as “I’m too sexy for my shirt”.
So far Taylor Swifts new song has had a lukewarm response from fans with many not knowing what to make of the new song. Perez Hilton described the song as “seriously lacking” adding “Overall, we are NOT impressed with TayTay’s new tune. We’re not feeling the chorus, the lyrics (which are not relatable in the slightest), or the overall production/structure,”.

Taylor Swift’s new song Look What You Made Me Do is part of her new album “reputation” which is meant to be her most edgy album to date.

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  1. Iv not heard the new song but can imagine it being major cringe if using same tune as im too sexy.
    Why is her new album called reputation? Is she worried she has wrecked hers?

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