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    Capitalism: Has got nothing to do with Democracy

    Can we now scratch out that pithy bullshit idea that capitalism and the free market economy are vehicles for democracy, eradicating that lunacy from our lessons and group-think and understanding of the world and her politics, today? As motivating arguments, I present two not-entirely-incomparable new stories from the digital world of our time. Adobe cancels Venezuelan […] More

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    Google wants to CENSOR the entire internet!

    In the coming months, Google is set to release a new search engine in China. This search engine codenamed “Project Dragonfly” aims to help the Chinese government/dictatorship to better control, track and censor its citizens.The new search engine will use an extensive blacklist to censor certain websites and searches that the Chinese government does not […] More

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    What is hate speech?

    In the UK judges and magistrates are recommending harsher punishments for “hate trolling”, suggesting that anyone found guilty of simply sharing or commenting on social media politically incorrect opinions such as anti-gay posts should face at least six months in jail. Many have criticized this as an affront to freedom of speech and a slippery […] More

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    Disqus censors internet comments

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    Disqus has recently introduced a new “toxic” comment filter to censor comments that it does not like. Disqus has partnered with google to create the new toxic comment filter using “machine learning” that is tweaked and refined by programming engineers according to their own subjective opinions of what should or shouldn’t be viewed online. It […] More

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    Review: Ebuyer sucks!


    Are you thinking about buying a new computer from ebuyer? If so then it might be wise  to read this first! Do not be fooled by Ebuyers snakeoil A lot of the computers that you can buy from ebuyer are extremely outdated and even though ebuyer advertises them as “cheap desktops” they really are not […] More

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    Ignored at Church

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    UPDATE: I have since left this church. As time went by it became more and more clear that the church I was at was a lukewarm (good for nothing) church. It was a c3 Pentecostal church. After a bit of research I found out that c3 churches are definitely places to avoid. Instead of focusing […] More

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    8 reasons why google is evil

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    If you think that google goes by its mantra of “Dont be evil” then think again! Here are 8 reasons off the top of my head why Google is evil and why you should really start searching with something else… 1.Google censors the internetIf you are searching on google you are not getting the full […] More

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    Lenovo computers suck

    Recently I decided to buy a new desktop because the one I was using was getting on a bit (6 years old) and was getting slower and slower. So I replaced my old computer with the Lenovo thinkcentre and to be honest I wish I didn’t bother as this new desktop that cost me £220 […] More