Swedish police station bombed in terrorist attack

A police station in a migrant area of Rosengård in Malmo Sweden has been targeted by “terrorists” after a hand grenade detonated outside the police station.
Local news reports have said that the explosion was caused by a hand grenade being thrown at the police station.

Luckily nobody was hurt during the attack and only two police cars were damaged. The sound of the explosion was reported to be so loud that it could be heard several blocks away. This attack is just days after another bomb attack in Sweden, which left one innocent person dead outside a metro station in a Stockholm suburb.

Police spokeswoman Anna Goransson said to the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet: “The place is locked off and the bombing group is on its way.

“Fortunately, no people have been injured, but cars, I cannot say how many, have been damaged.”

It is reported that 2 people have been arrested by Swedish police for the attack and police are currently appealing for those with more information to come forward.

There is no proof at the moment to suggest that this attack was carried out by Islamic terrorists but it is highly likely that it was.

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  1. Sweden truly is hitting rock bottom. Once was a great country now full of people who aren’t Swedish and hate western values.

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