Streetmap loses court case against google

In a high court battle against Google, Streetmap a UK based company accused google of being anti competitive after google launched its own map service in 2007. According to streetmap google used its dominant search engine market share to promote googles own map service by putting google maps at the top of its search results for location based queries… Streetmap has now lost this high court battle thanks to a prat of a judge!

Mr Justice Roth ruled in favor of google because he says google creating the map service was “not reasonably likely appreciably to affect competition” and actions were “objectively justified”.

In other words the judge just made up a load of nonsense just to help out google and to put another nail in the coffin for small uk businesses!
How on earth does he think that Google who amass millions upon millions of map searches a day will not have a negative effect on smaller map businesses if they suddenly decide to create their own map service!

Regarding the the court case a weasel  Google spokesman said: “The court made clear that we’re focused on improving the quality of our search results. This decision promotes innovation.”.. yeah google would say that wouldn’t they!

It is so easy for google with their vast wealth, vast dominance in the advertising biz and  their search monopoly to be able to expand into just about any tech niche they like and decimate the competition by making them virtually disappear online by penalizing their site in the search results.

The cost of the court case has no doubt eaten away at the finances of Streetmap but streetmap says that they are still going to appeal this decision.. and hopefully with a bit of luck next time they will not have such an idiot of a judge.

It is a great shame that the elite continue to destroy our country by letting big US companies come in and stifle competition and wreck our economy. Ironically this case all comes after the EU filed their own case against google for being anti competitive.. who would have thought that the EU would be the ones protecting small businesses and not our own country!

What do you think?

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