Steve Bannon wants to regulate internet giants such as google like utilities

Great news for freedom of speech and small buisness but bad news for the plutocrats!

Steve Bannon has said that internet giants such as Google and facebook should be regulated like utilities. This is great news for small businesses across the world as Steve Bannon who is the Chief Strategist in the White House shows that he is ready to fight for freedom of speech and stop internet giants from essentially censoring websites for their own agenda.

Google/Alphabet who’s slogan is “Don’t be evil” has been running amuck in recent years under the Obama regime, using its dominance as a search engine to censor small businesses from its search results. One way Google did this was by using algorithms codenamed “penguin” and “panda” to demote small businesses online and force them into buying extortionate ads just to be seen on the search engine. Due to the fact that the google has such a huge search engine market share in the US and across the world and that most people since the inception of the internet use search engines as the only means of finding websites online has meant google abuse of its monopoly has had a huge negative effect on businesses online. You only have to look on webmaster forums to find evidence of the negative effect googles actions are having upon peoples livelihoods. Google doesn’t just censor small businesses as lots of conservative bloggers and youtubers have complained about their content being taken down by Google for no reason.

Google lobbied hard in the White House during the Obama administration/plutocracy, paying the democrats millions in donations and visiting the white house more than any other company in history with 427 meetings. Eric Schmidt who is Ceo of google parent company alphabet even was on Hilary Clinton’s campaign team to help try to get her in power. Recently this month during the day of action whereby internet giants such as google campaigned against Donald Trumps reversal of “Net neutrality” it was revealed that google paid academics at universities to write FAKE papers on why Googles monopoly is a good thing. When Trump got into power Google along with other tech giants tried to donate tons of money to the republicans to try to get Trumps love.. but by the looks of it things haven’t worked out the way Google wanted it too!

Steve Bannon comments about treating internet giants as utilities is very good news! Regulation is needed to protect peoples right to freedom of speech and to stop these internet bullies stifling businesses online for their own gain.

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  1. People under estimate googles impact upon society as a whole if they are not regulated and allow to manipulate the world biggest source of information the internet. Looking on another leftist site reporting on this seems all the deluded lefties want google to rule other them and feed them liberal garbage.

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