Sketches using cintiq 27qhd


You might remember me posting a review on the cintiq 27qhd a couple days ago… now that I have been using the cintiq a bit more I thought I would just post an update on how things are going with this costly device! As you can see from the sketches above I have been playing around with my new cintiq and things are going good!

All I can say really about the drawing experience with the cinitq is you know its good when after you finish sketching with it you end up checking the palms of your hands for dirty pencil smudges!

In my last review I was a bit worried that the paralax effect (gap between actual drawing tablet and pen) would ruin the while drawing experience with the cintiq but I have found that when you get into drawing you hardly notice it is there especially if you focus on your cursor when drawing instead of your pen nib.

Something that is really impressing me with this tablet is the fact that you can churn out some great looking art work that doesn’t look digital.. quite a lot of digital artwork out there have the same kind of style and obvious Photoshop brush strokes going on but because the cinitq 27qhd is so big you can use finer brushes and really add in the detail needed to get away from cliche digital art!
At the moment I have only been experimenting with doing pencil sketches in Photoshop and have yet to adventure into painting just yet and I just cannot wait to get painting as sketching is so much fun!

Using the right brushes in Photoshop and taking full advantage of the cintiq’s pen pressure sensitivity you can create some really good sketches quite quickly! Although some people may argue that paying £1500 for something that just mimics something you could probably do on paper anyway is a little silly but I would have to say that there is more to it than that especially if you take into account what you can do in photoshop that you cannot do with paper and a pencil such as using layers and quickly being able to change colors.


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