Sir Patrick Vallance has £600k shares in vaccine company

It has been revealed that Sir Patrick Vallance has shares worth £600k in GSK a UK Pharmaceutical company who are currently developing a Covid-19 vaccine. This is a clear conflict of interest.

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis Patrick Vallance has given the government dodgy advise that has resulted in the worsening of the spread of Covid-19. For example despite evidence from France and Spain that opening schools would cause a rise in infection, Patrick Vallance told everybody that children do not spread the virus and reopened schools and universities which inevitably helped trigger a second wave of the virus.

This revelation that Patrick Vallance has an invested interest in a vaccine company highlights an obvious conflict of interest and brings his motivation and integrity as the Chief Scientific Advisor and fighting Covid19 into serious question.

Stocks and shares in drug and vaccine companies have skyrocketed since the outbreak of Covid 19 began and the UK government have ploughed hundreds of millions of pounds into speeding up the development of a vaccine. However, despite this huge sum of tax payer money being pumped into private companies government intervention has actually had the opposite effect. Vaccines such as the one being developed by the Oxford university which were destined to be released in September-October have since been pushed back and delayed due to government policies influenced by Patrick Vallance… who obviously wants to see his Vaccine company produce the first available vaccine.

Sir Patrick Vallance should not be trusted.

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Written by James

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  1. I would have thought that pandemic or not, for a senior health official to hold significant shareholdings in healthcare related industries demonstrates a clear conflict of interest.

    How f*cking greedy are these people? He’s on what, £200K? Plus pension?

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