Sage Professor Susan Michie is a sadistic COMMUNIST

Professor Susan Michie is the Director of the Centre for Behaviour Change at University College London and a member of the governments SAGE group who are currently advising the government on the covid19 pandemic. Did you know however that she has also been a member of the British COMMUNIST party for the past 40 years!

Apparently she is nicknamed by her communist comrades as “Stalin’s nanny” because she once tried smuggling subversive Communist literature into a political conference in 1986 using a baby’s pram. She is a multi-millionaire and has previously donated £14, 000 to the labour party when Jeremy Corbyn was in charge.

Professor Susan Michie specializes in behavioural psychology and her role in SAGE is to help the government come up with ways to CONDITION the general public into complying with the covid lockdowns and restrictions. However she is also using her position in SAGE as a pushing for her own communist agendas.

Professor Susan Michie is a sadistic communist who doesn’t want the pandemic to end so she can establish a new socialist order.

Throughout the pandemic Professor Susan Michie has appeared regularly on various news programs to talk about covid 19 even though she has ZERO qualifications on viruses. However despite not being qualified or even having any scientific evidence to back up her claims Professor Susan Michie persists on trolling the general public with doomsday scenarios and unproven theories to keep people frightened. Speaking last year she said it’s wrong to say that schools are ‘safe’ – it’s wrong because schools being ‘safe’ doesn’t frighten people and it’s her job to keep them terrified. Only this month Professor Susan Michie has appeared on the news claiming that wearing face masks and social distancing should last FOREVER to stop the spread of covid 19 and other viruses. This is despite clear positive data that have shown that the vaccines have broken the link between cases and hospitalizations with only 1% of hospitalizations being caused by covid19 at the moment. Things are looking extremely positive… but this isn’t good enough for this sadistic troll bag.

As a phycologist Professor Susan Michie knows full well the mental effects that lockdown and the restrictions are having on peoples mental health and wellbeing. Currently more people are dying from suicide than from covid 19. People are hanging on to the hope that things will start to get back to normal soon. However, Professor Susan Michie is prepared to rip away peoples hope to get what she wants.

This a sadistic monster will stop at nothing to push for a communist “new normal” whereby the government is in total control of everybody’s lives. Professor Susan Michie should not be allowed anywhere near the government let alone be one of the governments top advisors. This communist infiltrator needs to be stopped because our freedoms and liberties are at threat permanently.

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Written by James

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