SAGE are a bunch fake scientists

The governments scientific advisory group SAGE are warning of a third wave of covid19 and thousands of deaths a day. BULLSHIT.
SAGE DO NOT have any actual evidence for this and with the vast majority of elderly and vulnerable people now vaccinated there is no reason or suggestion that the UK will suffer a third wave.

Enough is enough!

SAGE are not scientists but sadistic marxists trying to prolong the pandemic, feed off the misery and death it causes and reshape society how they see fit.
Throughout this entire pandemic SAGE have not come up with ANYTHING at all to help end the pandemic. Instead they choose to waste their time appearing in tv news interviews deliberately trying to scare people with one of their doomsday theories. There is absolutely no point to them doing this other than trying to rip away peoples hope and making it seem as though the pandemic will never end we will never get back to normal.

At a time when so many people are suffering because of lockdown and the restrictions suicide rates are at the highest levels ever seen. Despite this SAGE scientists feel its appropriate for them to be constantly appearing on tv spouting unproven bullshit about third waves and the continuation of lockdowns and restrictions knowing full well the effect that their comments will have on peoples mental health and wellbeing.

As the lockdown and restrictions finally start to ease and covid deaths and cases are declining the SAGE scientists are still trying desperately to hang on to their 15 minutes of fame and to stay relevant by making up stuff about the new Indian variant. Despite having no proof that the Indian variant is deadlier or spreading more rapidly SAGE have come up with yet another theory that we will get an even bigger third wave because of it and suggests that we should lockdown and have more restrictions because of it.

In my opinion, these doomsday prophecies that SAGE relentlessly spews out is nothing more than wishful thinking from a bunch of sadistic marxists professors who are revelling in the power, misery, death and the 15 minutes of fame that the pandemic is giving them. All through the entire pandemic these so called scientists have not produced a single shred of actual scientific proof top back up their OPINIONS.

Instead of coming up with real ways to end the pandemic as quickly and effectively as possible they are making things worse. They do not come up with solutions and have only prolonged the pandemic through ineffective lock downs and restrictions that do more harm than good and put us in a state of constant limbo with no end in sight in their hands. SAGE do not want this pandemic to ever end because it gives them full unquestionable control to reshape society how they see fit. It’s a marxists dream!

What do you think?

Written by James

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