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Russia bombs Kramatorsk train station in Ukraine filled with civilians

Kramatorsk train station in eastern Ukraine has been bombed by Russian forces. At the time of the missile attack the train station was packed full of thousands of Ukrainian civilians. These civilians were trying flee from Russian forces who are currently trying to advance into the eastern Donetsk region of Ukraine. Ukraine officials have said that up to 50 people the majority of which were women and children have so far died and 300 people are injured after the attack at the train station. The wreckage of the Russian missile was later found with “for the children” written in Russian on the side of the missile. This is just one example of the many war crimes that are being committed each day by Russia as they try to wipe out the Ukrainian people.

Everyday that Russia is allowed to continue its invasion more and more innocent civilians are being murdered by Putin’s cannon fodder army.
It is evident and utterly shameful that the west is NOT doing enough to help Ukraine and stop this genocide of innocent Ukrainian civilians and soldiers from happening. Despite not getting the help that they need from the west the Ukraine army have managed to inflict huge losses to the Russian side and are victoriously pushing Russian forces back. However as Ukraine retakes towns and villages that were once occupied by the Russian soldiers the true horrors that Russia have been inflicting upon the Ukrainian people are being revealed. The west simply cannot allow this genocide to continue.

Despite the atrocities being committed by Russia western countries still are not providing Ukraine with enough military support. EU countries continue to give Russia over $1 billion a day for oil and gas. This money is then used used to help prop up Russia’s economy and military. America has also blocked attempts by Poland to delivery much needed fighter jets to Ukraine to help them defend themselves. NATO has also ruled out a no fly zone. Western politicians are giving Ukraine the bare minimum just to satisfy their voters only.

If the west were to supply Ukraine with the military equipment that they have been asking for then it is almost certain that Ukraine forces will be able to retake their country and stop Russia military in its tracks. If Ukraine fails to stop Russia from invading its country this will embolden Russian aggression and other countries will surely be next. The Ukrainian soldiers are sacrificing their lives to fight back Russia and aren’t just fighting for their freedom but everyone in Europe’s freedom as well. The least that they deserve is to be given the equipment that they desperately need to do this.

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