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Royal mail is rubbish! Selfish strike action is RUINING small businesses.

The entitled, lazy, incompetent workers at royal mail all need to lose their jobs. Times are tough for small businesses right now (I should know because I am trying to run one) but that doesn’t stop royal mail workers from going on strike. This Thursday royal mail workers plan to go on strike YET AGAIN as part of the 19 days of planned strike action they are set to do over the next couple of weeks. They even plan on striking through the busy Christmas period which many small businesses rely on. By doing so they are essentially putting the final nail in the coffin for businesses that are struggling to pay their bills because of the pandemic, rising energy prices and inflation. These strikes are being orchestrated by the thick as shit CWU boss Dave ward (or maybe not so thick if it he is working for Putin to crumble the UK economy).

Royal mail is getting away with doing this because they are a monopoly, and the corrupt Tories should never have privatized the company and essentially selling it to the Chinese communist party. As a small business that uses Royal Mail, I have noticed that since privatization delivery prices have shot up, but the service has gotten much much worse! For example, I have lost count of the number of times that Royal mail have simply forgotten to even collect my parcels. A worrying number of my customers have also complained about slow deliveries and items getting lost which has resulted in me losing a lot of money through refunds, postage costs and lost products mounting up. However, what really gets on my nerves is the fact that Royal mail will now automatically fine you if they want to bump up their profits by claiming that a large letter is a parcel… you cannot even appeal these fines even when you are absolutely certain that your items are small enough to be a large letter and not a parcel.

Now that Royal mail workers have decided to strike again, I have decided to look for other delivery services because this is just simply the final straw for me. Whilst Royal mail is one of the cheapest services for posting large letters the amount of extra cost through lost items, slow deliveries and FINES means using Royal mail is simply not viable for my business anymore. If royal mail is so determined to RUIN my business, then they simply do not deserve my business.

The lazy incompetent workers at Royal Mail deserve to all be sacked. Their strike action is selfish and is just going to drive delivery costs up even higher, increase the nations inflation problem and ruin small businesses.

If you are annoyed by royal mails terrible service or their pathetic strikes, please feel free to share your experiences and vent in the comments below and tell the world what you think of this garbage monopoly!

What do you think?

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  1. I am annoyed too. They didn’t collect my orders last night not because it was a strike day but because they simply could not be bothered. We have a strike on Thursday meaning customers that ordered on the weekend may not even get their orders till next week which is totally unacceptable.

  2. If they aren’t happy with their pay GET ANOTHER JOB!!! to be striking at this time of year is pure madness. They should all be fired, get someone who will and can do their job better, without whining like spoiled little brats. They new the pay when they started the job! I’d rather go shop and deliver my parcel’s myself than give them anymore of my money

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