Review: Virgin media worst broadband ever?

Is Virgin media any good? No it is rubbish!

If you are thinking of going with virgin media then you may want to think again.
You only have to take a quick look at Virgin Media’s trutpilot page to see just how bad their service is and how poorly they treat their customers. With a seemingly endless 285 pages worth of 1-star reviews ranging from poor internet speeds to rude customer service, it is easy to see why this is a company to avoid.

Reasons to avoid Virgin Media

One of the biggest complaints on Trustpilot about Virgin Media is that it is very slow and has constant connection problems. Something you would not expect from one of the most expensive ISP’s in the UK.

One customer writes on Trustpilot that he is not getting the broadband speed he paid for:

I pay £48 per month for a 150MBps broadband package, which is not a cheap one. And if only it worked! It’s been over two months now with NO internet whatsoever, my speed has been at 0.5Mbps instead of promised 150 Mbps (you can’t even download an app on your phone at this speed by the way, let alone streaming, or browsing!).

Whilst another customer describes how despite getting a new hub their internet keeps cutting out and has to keep getting engineers out to fix things:

Worst provider going, just got a new hub about a week or 2 ago and cuts out every other day, had to call more than 5 times this year and have had 2 engineers out also, slow speeds and doesn’t even connect to half of my devices without a lan cable, just a overall terrible experience.

It has also been reported that customers in Surrey have been left without proper internet for weeks after the service went down in the area.

Extortionate exit fees

Virgin Media charge extortionate exit fees if you aren’t happy with the service and want to leave early. Currently, Ofcom is investigating Virgin Media for this as they believe Virgin Media is breaking the law by charging excessive fees that “disincentivize their customers from switching from them.” Some customers have complained that Virgin media have charged them by as much as £240 just to switch.
Apparently, Virgin media will also charge you for equipment you don’t even have if you think about leaving as well:

Charged me extortionate exit fees because they couldn’t provide service at my new address despite me wanting to stay with them.

They then started threatening me with charges for equipment which I have not returned despite requesting the return packaging three times – still haven’t received it.

Poor customer support

Customer support is another big complaint from many virgin customers. Many feel that Virgin media simply fobs them off on the phone with poor customer support. The Virgin media’s customer support is often based in India from people who have no control or even grasp on how to fix your problem. Their customer support is also delivered through a premium rate phone number which means that Virgin Media is basically making money off its own customers who are having problems with their bad service.

According to one customer’s review on Trustpilot Virgin media’s customer support will even put the phone down on you if you wish to cancel their service:

Extremely poor customer service from the mobile department of Virgin Media (Virgin Mobile).

They are based overseas – are extremely rude. They hang up on you when you advise them that you wish to cancel your contract – not once but multiple times!!

The whole customer services is dreadful.

Whilst another customer complains that the customer support cannot even understand what you are saying because they are from India:

Worst company EVER. Put prices up after you join them, Indian call centers, do not expect them to understand what you are saying and vice versa. You will be put on hold for ages then when you get through they cut you off….

No good for online gaming


If you like playing online multiplayer games with your friends Virgin Media is not the broadband for you. Virgin Media routers are set to Strict “NAT” which can cause severe problems such as extreme lag and trouble connecting entirely to game servers. Whilst it is possible to change the NAT settings on your router, the router will usually revert back to Strict NAT if for instance, someone else starts using another device connected to the internet or if you boot up your computer again which can become a real pain.

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