Review: Are are Scholl insoles any good? Nope!

Recently I bought a pair of Orthaheel Sports Orthotic from scholl…so I thought I would just post this mini review to warn people NOT to buy these insoles. I would not recommend anyone buy a pair you will be very disappointed. In my opinion after just wearing them for a couple days I can safely say they are the worst insoles I have ever worn. I bought them to try to help ease the foot pain I was getting… but because of how badly they supported my feet they actually made my foot pain a whole lot worse!

As soon as I got them I was surprised at how cheaply they were made. The insoles were extremely thin and flimsy and are definitely not worth the £19.19 I paid for them. I expected so much better. My main problem I have with these insoles is that the support that they give my feet is just all wrong. They push my feet into all sorts of weird and uncomfortable positions causing me more problems and pain.
To further insult to injury (quite literally) these insoles are so cheaply made they fail to support your feet properly and start to fall apart just after wearing them a few times.

Not only did they make my foot pain worse but already after just wearing the insoles for a few times they have started to wear away. Showing just how cheaply and poorly made these scholl insoles are.

After looking again at the scholl website I have also noticed that scholl have actually been posting fake reviews on their product pages. For instance on a number of different products there are a many suspicious reviews that have been posted written by “anonymous” reviewers saying the same thing over and over again. These reviews are on a number of their product pages..posted over a couple of months to probably used to bump up the products star ratings which are used in Google shopping ads as a trust signal to rank a site higher and to appear more popular.Posting fake reviews is illegal.

Reasons not to buy scholl insoles:

  • Overpriced
  • Low quality and cheaply made
  • Fell apart after wearing them just a few times
  • The support that these insoles provide pushes your feet into all sorts of weird and uncomfortable positions and makes your foot pain worse
  • Scholl posts fakes reviews on its own website to trick their customers into buying

If anyone else has had a poor experience I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to post your own review in the comments below!

What do you think?

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