Putin is the worlds biggest LOSER

Putin is losing the war in Ukraine and now has resorted to empty nuclear threats to scare everyone into allowing him to carry on with his genocide. Russia can never win the war and hold Ukraine because Ukrainians want to stay Ukrainian and don’t want to join Russia. To keep the war going is pointless and will just mean more death and destruction on both sides.

The west is finally sending much needed weapons and armoured vehicles to Ukraine to help it defend itself and this has got Putin scared and has meant he has now resorted to Nuclear threats because he knows he cannot win. Putin’s threats to the west of nuclear war if the west helps Ukraine is a sign of his growing desperation as the worlds biggest loser. No one in the west takes his nuclear threats seriously because to strike the west with a nuclear missile would be an act of suicide from Russia. He is just making Russia look more and more stupid.

Putin has left a stain on Russian history by invading Ukraine and committing a genocide on its people and for what?!
Russia is losing the war. Russia has not achieved anywhere near the gains of territory that it thought it would because it hugely underestimated the resolve of the Ukrainian people on protecting THEIR country. This has meant Russia has lost countless soldiers and equipment the only thing that they have achieved in Ukraine is to brutalize and kill innocent civilians. Putin’s so called mission to “liberate” Russian speakers in Ukraine has been a total disaster for example in Mariupol where 95% of residents are Russian speakers he has destroyed the whole city and killed countless civilians by indiscriminately shelling the city. He has turned those Russians speakers in Ukraine against Russia and has wrecked his economy. He has achieved NOTHING good whatsoever and he is just simply dragging down the whole of Russia with his pointless and evil war

It is never too late for Putin to seek forgiveness and repent of this horrendous invasion. He can still ceasefire and withdraw his soldiers from Ukraine. He can show the world that he is willing to help Ukraine by stopping the murder of innocent civilians by his troops. If he does not do this he will go down in history as a complete loser just like Hitler and Stalin. Any Russian that calls themselves a patriot should do all they can to remove Putin and his goons from power as soon as possible. Putin is ruining Russia and dragging its reputation as a country through the mud so much so that no country would ever trust or do business with Russia with Putin and his goons in charge.

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