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Putin is a dictator who is committing genocide on innocent people

Us President Joe Biden during his state of the Union address has declared Putin a dictator… but stating the obvious is about all the president of the powerfullest country in the world is willing to do.

According to the UN 900,000 Ukrainians have fled Ukraine since Putin started his invasion on the country 6 days ago. The Ukrainian ambassador to the UN has said that Russia is committing genocide. Over two thousand civilians have now died because of the conflict, towns and cities have been bombed to the ground. The level of savagery that Putin is inflicting upon the innocent people of Ukrainian is abhorrent and the west needs to do more to stand up against Putin and prevent him from re-establishing the Soviet Union.

One of the lies that Putin is using for the invasion of Ukraine is that he wants to rid the country of Nazis… but the only Nazis in Ukraine are the Russian soldiers who are killing innocent Ukrainians and even blowing up holocaust memorial sites. Everyday now we are seeing the mass killing of the Ukrainian people yet our leaders sit back and do nothing. Despite the threats of nuclear attack from a creepy little man with Napoleon complex the west must fight against this evil dictator and stop this genocide. If we sit back and allow Putin to murder innocent women and children then we are simply empowering him to do more.

NATO should like many are calling for impose a no fly zone over Ukraine to stop Putin from bombing towns and cities and causing so much death and destruction.

It is evident that sanctions are not working as much as the west would have hoped partly because the west are still buying oil and gas from Russia making current sanctions worthless. The fact is that Putin does not really care if his people suffer economically as a consequence to his pathetic pursuit to become the next Stalin. He has no regard for human life even for his own Russian soldiers that he is sending into Ukraine like cannon fodder to be killed.

The west also needs to get its act together and sort out its own political system by kicking our traitor politicians. Even now we are seeing communist traitors in western countries such as Bernie Sanders in the US and Jemmy Corbyn in the UK who are attacking NATO and peddling Russian propaganda because they want to see communist Russia back.

If Putin succeeds on erasing destroying Ukraine he wont stop. Already he has threatened neighbouring countries with attack if they dare help Ukraine. Sanctions just wont cut it the west needs to take military action. The civilized world cannot allow this genocide of the Ukrainian people to continue.

The west must act because inaction sends out a message to every rogue nation that if they have a nuclear deterrent then they can do whatever the hell they want now because nobody will stop them.

If we live in a world where the rest of the world sits back and allows a dictator to commit genocide and kill millions of innocent people then we are living in a world not worth living in.

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