Professor Ravi Gupta is a troll

Professor Ravi Gupta from Cambridge university is a troll who is deliberately trying to push people over the edge!
Appearing all day on various news programs and radio shows Professor Ravi Gupta has been spouting complete nonsense about the UK being in the early stages of a “third wave” which he says is being fuelled by the Indian variant of covid19. He has also been warning about a future hypothetical super covid variant brought on by more people getting vaccinated and is pushing for lockdown easing to stop. His comments are not backed by any scientific evidence and are simply his own opinions but is stating them as though they are fact. However the fact is that Professor Ravi Gupta is simply trying to troll the general public and is getting a kick out of it.

With the vast majority of the most vulnerable people who at most risk of dying or getting seriously ill from covid19 FULLY vaccinated and protected and the data also showing declining hospitalizations and deaths there is no indication at all that the UK is heading towards a third wave. However, this did not stop Professor Ravi Gupta from spouting rubbish and trying to scare everyone about a third wave trying to get his 15 minutes of fame and trying to look scientifically “relevant” at the expense of peoples LIVES!

By deliberately ripping peoples hope away like this at a time when so many people are suffering from chronic mental health problems caused by the lockdown and restrictions what Professor Ravi Gupta is doing is appalling. Each day more people are dying from SUICICDE than covid19 in the UK. By essentially making out that the pandemic will never end Gupta will push some who are already struggling over the edge.

What Professor Ravi Gupta is proposing to pause the easing of lockdown and restrictions does not make any sense. For an effective strategy you either have a hard lockdown aimed at eliminating the virus or you vaccinate the most vulnerable people and fully open up. By no means should you keep the country under this half hearted lockdown that doesn’t do any good at all and just causes more harm than good.

Instead of coming up with real solutions and ways to help end the pandemic. Professor Ravi Gupta however spends all day on news programs trolling everyone with unproven doomsday crap and reasons why we should lockdown forever it would seem. He is not bothered in the slightest about saving lives only controlling them.

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  1. There are no indications of a third wave of covid coming as official data clearly shows the vaccines are keeping down the virus. This Professor Ravi Gupta is probably being funded by a drugs company who’s vaccine hasn’t been released yet and want to scare countries into buy more vaccines.

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