Professor Graham Medley is a troll & LIAR

Last night Boris Johnson announced a delay to lockdown easing in order to vaccinate more people, however for some so called scientists such as Professor Graham Medley this still isn’t good enough.

Speaking on various news outlets today Professor Graham Medley has said that he thinks despite the government pausing the easing of lockdown there will still be hundreds of deaths a day and is trying to push for tighter restrictions.
He also said that even if the borders were closed sooner that the Indian Delta variant would have “would have ended up in the UK at some point”.

People really don’t need this troll sucking away peoples hope away like this right now.

Professor Graham Medley comments are not based upon any real scientific evidence at all just his opinion. A recent study has found that the current vaccines are 80-90% effective against the Indian delta variant. Another study shows that up to 80% of British people have antibodies against covid19. With the majority of the most vulnerable and elderly now vaccinated and protected as well as new highly effective anti viral drugs and treatments becoming available covid19 is no longer the threat it once was.

Professor Graham Medley is a liar who is using the pandemic to get a sadistic kick out of trolling the general public. He offers zero solutions on ending the pandemic… all he seems to come up with are excuses for why we live under restrictions forever.

Peoples mental health is on a tight rope at the moment and sadists such as Professor Graham Medley are trying their best to suck away peoples hope and try to push people off that tight rope. Currently more people are dying from suicide than covid19. The lockdown and restrictions are causing a huge backlog of non covid patients at hospitals and the longer that the restrictions go on for the worst things will get.

What do you think?

Written by James

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  1. Another fake scientists trying to topple capitalism through marxist restrictions and lockdowns. Now that things are starting to look up he is panicking that this might be the end of his Marxist new normal so is making up as much doomsday garbage as he can to scare the politicians to keep the restrictions.

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