Professor Anthony Harnden is a worm

Professor Anthony Harnden is manipulative worm who seems to want the whole country to be locked down and under the scientists thumbs FOREVER. As we approach June 21st the date when all legal restrictions and social distancing rules are meant to be lifted Professor Anthony Harnden has took it upon himself to appear/troll on as many news programs as he possibly can. What he is trying to do is put pressure on the government try to stop the easing of restrictions and rip away peoples hope. He argues that restrictions and lockdowns should be paused to avoid a third wave and new covid variants. However keeping people in a half hearted lockdown which neither eliminates and just worsens peoples health and well-being is illogical and stupid. All the data suggests that the vaccine roll out has worked. Data currently shows that cases, hospitalizations and deaths in the are at an all time low especially in those who have been vaccinated. Professor Anthony Harnden tries to point to rising cases and hospitalizations to justify his trolling but fails to point out that the vast majority of those being hospitalized are not severe cases but mild cases who are not going to ICU. These mild cases are also amongst the young unvaccinated population who are extremely unlikely to die or suffer from severe health effects from covid. Those in the older and more vulnerable population groups who have been vaccinated cases, hospitalizations and deaths continue to fall.

So many people are suffering CRHONIC mental health problems due to the pandemic and for Professor Anthony Harnden to relentless appear on tv trying trying desperately to rip peoples hope away like this is utterly disgraceful. He has no scientific evidence at all to back up his doomsday claims that he makes but says them anyway because he is a sadist who is loving the misery, death and power the pandemic has given him. Professor Anthony Harnden and other scientists that constantly appear on the news spewing their doomsday crap just to scare people are disgusting individuals who have been feeding off the misery and destruction that the pandemic has caused. These scientists do not come up with any real strategises to end the pandemic other than slowly torturing us in a drawn out lockdown that does nothing but worsen peoples mental and physical health and doesn’t get rid of the virus.

What do you think?

Written by James

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  1. I have had enough of these Professors trolling on the news. They are putting their 15 minutes of fame before peoples mental health so they obviously aren’t bothered in the slightest about saving lives.

  2. More people are dying from other things and lockdown is making these illness worse but we have sadists such as Harnden not coming up with alternative strategies and trying to make sure that lockdown lasts for as long as possible.

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