Pope Francis says climate change deniers are ‘stupid’

During a press conference in Colombia on Monday, Pope Francis has said that climate change deniers are stupid after Hurricane Irma devastated Us, Mexico and the Caribbean.
“Those who deny it (climate change) should go to the scientists and ask them. They are very clear, very precise,” he also used a quote from the old testament that ‘man is stupid, a stubborn, blind man’.
There is no taking away the sheer devastation that the recent catastrophic events have had to peoples lives in America. However the popes comments seem to place faith in scientists rather than placing faith in God. What will be will be. If we all suddenly switched to eco friendly light bulbs this will not stop the end times coming. Instead of putting our faith in scientists and FALSE idols such as the pope we should just stick to what the bible says.
Pope Francis comments may also be a dig at Donald trump a well known climate change denier who has said in the past that global warming is a hoax.

Pope Francis should not be so quick to judge:
“Matthew 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” (I know I need to take more heed of those words as well… im working on it.)

The Vatican has been shaken recently as top cardinal George Pell, a senior adviser to Pope Francis has been charged in Australia with historical sexual assault. Cardinal George Pell is just one in a long line of list charged with such offences with many criticising the pope for not doing enough.

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