Noel Gallagher calls Jeremy Corbyn a communist

Speaking to Paste magazine, Noel Gallagher who currently has a new album out called “Who built the moon?” has said exactly what he thinks about the labor leader Jeremy Corbyn by calling him out as a communist.

“F*** Jeremy Corbyn. He’s a Communist.” he told the magazine.

Noel also had some choice words for Donald Trump as well adding

“And Trump’s a…a…I’m not even going to name him.

“But they don’t affect my life. Well, Donald Trump maybe, because his views on the environment are pretty f***ing scary, and that will affect my children.”

He then told of his general dislike for all politicians, saying “They’re economists – that’s all they are.

“They’re f***ing full of shit, and I should know, because I’ve known quite a few of them.”

In the interview he also revealed how he doesn’t watch the news saying  “So if the world is going to end, I don’t want to know about it. I don’t want to watch the run-up to it.

“If the sky is going to catch fire because some little, fat North Korean idiot flies a rocket into it, let it f***ing end.

“I don’t want to know about it. I’d rather be doing something else.”

Noel’s estranged brother Liam recently hinted in an interview that he missed being brothers and in oasis with Noel.

But Noel dismissed his Brothers comments in the interview as “for Oasis’ fans’ benefit, that’s what that is”.

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