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No more free speech in Russia allowed.

Russia is imposing a new law that will mean that those spreading what kremlin considers “fake news” about the Russian army will be criminally prosecuted and could face up to 15 years in jail. This new law is designed to silence independent news agencies from spreading the truth about the Russian invasion and genocide of Ukraine.

It is the final nail in the coffin for free speech in Russia. In Russia very few news agencies are left who are critical of the Kremlin and this move has led to many now shutting up for good.

For the average Russian it is now almost impossible to actually find out what is really happening in Ukraine. The Kremlin has blocked social media and shut down many news outlets that were telling them what was happening. So effective is the Kremlins propaganda that President Putin’s approval rating in Russia has actually increased since the war broke out as many in Russia have started believing the propaganda that they are fed day in day out on tv.

This new law to imprison people for spreading the truth is an attempt by the Kremlin to bolster its lies and propaganda about what it is calling is the “special military operation in Ukraine” and prevent Russians from finding out what really is happening to Ukrainians. However the reality is that Putin is actually committing a genocide in Ukraine and is using Russian soldiers as cannon fodder to do so. Putin has no respect for human life at all. Putin and his cowardly mates are hiding the truth in whatever way they can because they FEAR what would happen if the Russian people really did find out what Putin is doing not just to the Ukrainian people but also to their own soldiers who Putin is using as cannon fodder sending them pointlessly to their deaths.

Putin will not stop at the invasion of Ukraine. The west should not watch on as innocent people are killed by this wannabe Stalin.

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