Net neutrality laws let Google censor the internet

Google is currently taking part in the “day of action” with other internet giants to promote net neutrality laws that Donald Trump has decided to scrap. Google argues net neutrality is needed to stop internet censorship. However, what google isn’t telling people is that it loves censorship and current laws allow them to use their market dominance to censor websites that they do not wish for people to see. Google uses computer algorithms code named penguin and panda to target and censor websites that do not meet Googles “guidelines”. Over the past few years MILLIONS of small businesses have suffered as Google uses its 90% internet search engine market share which essentially makes it a gatekeeper to the internet to censor small websites from its search results. This allows them to FORCE small businesses to buy extortionate Adwords ads just to be seen.

The Wall Street journal has highlighted Googles hypocrisy by revealing that the company paid academics at various universities $5000-$400,000 to publish fake research in support of Googles market dominance. This was effectively an effort to trick people into thinking that its monopoly is not anti competitive so Google can carry on doing without any government regulation putting a stop to it.

During the Obama administration Obama was basically bought by Google after the company heavily funded both of Obama’s presidential campaigns and gave the democrats millions. Google visited the Whitehouse more times than any other company in history and lobbied hard to implement legislation such as the net neutrality laws that allow Google to censor websites online without recourse.

Googles currently being investigated around the world for many different anti trust investigations that focus on Google using its dominance to harm competition. In the EU Google has been fined a record €2.7 billion for manipulating it search results and harming its competition. In Russia Google was also fined for using it android mobile operating system monopoly to harm a Russian rival search engine yandex by forcing mobile makers to pre-install google products on phones.

You should not be fooled by googles net neutrality day of action protest. Google does not want to stop internet censorship Google just wants to make sure the current laws stay the same and Google can continue to censor the internet how they see fit.

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