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Monkeypox isn’t something to worry about!


Without any medical or scientific evidence at all Joe Biden has warned that monkeypox is something that we should all be worried about… However, Joe Biden is a moron who probably doesn’t even know what day of the week it is and is simply looking for something to distract everyone from the fact that he has destroyed the US economy.

The World health organization which is mainly funded by the Chinese communist party has also jumped on the recent “outbreak” of monkeypox in western countries. Now that covid pandemic has passed the WHO are desperate to find another virus to scare and control people with and inflict more economic destruction to the west.

Those who are trying to use monkeypox to scaremonger should not be trusted because what they are saying is not based upon science but evil agendas.

Monkeypox is not another covid. The only people who are getting Monkeypox are homosexual men because it is an STI that is spread among the sodomites. Monkeypox is classed as a stable virus that has been around for many many years in parts of Africa first transmitted from animals and is not very contagious at all unless engaging in anal sex. Symptoms of monkeypox are extremely mild and include blisters and scabs and are not life threatening. Smallpox vaccines that helped wipe out smallpox have been found to be highly effective against this virus. In 2017 and 2018 western countries saw outbreaks of monkeypox but these outbreaks were not widely reported on by mainstream media because the virus did not pose any threat at all.

Health “officials” that are trying to wind up everyone and whip up monkeypox hysteria are abhorrent and need to be struck off. The devastating effect that the government covid lockdowns and restrictions have had on people mental health has been catastrophic. For example has been reported that in the UK mental health referrals of children have increased 50% and rates of depression in adults has doubled when compared with figures before the pandemic began. To troll people with another virus just as people are trying to recover from the pandemic and is disgusting behaviour. These people should not be trusted because they are either trying to make profit for big pharma companies, working with Russia and China to try to topple western economies or are simply sadistic trolls who are getting a kick out of scaring and controlling everyone.

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