MonkeyPox is NOT another covid

MonekyPox isn’t anything to worry about despite the World Health Organization claiming it is a global emergency.

In my opinion it is unjustifiable and EVIL for the World Health Organization to try to scare everyone into thinking that Monkeypox is the next covid19. Peoples mental health has took a major hit since the Covid19 pandemic began as depression and suicide rates are now at record levels. For the World Health Organization to troll everyone like this is despicable because it could tip some people mental health over the edge.

So far the facts about Monekypox stand like this:

-MonkeyPox symptoms are extremely mild and are typically rashes and blisters.

-Since the outbreak several months ago world wide only 16, 000 positive cases have been detected in the world.

-Only 5 people out of those 16, 000 people who have caught the virus have died and these deaths have not even been confirmed to be even related to monkeypox.

-Monkeypox is an Sexually transmitted disease. The vast majority of cases are found in Gay and bisexual men. Very few women have caught the virus.

-Monkeypox has been a stable virus that has been circulating around Africa for many many years.

-There have also been previous Monkeypox outbreaks in the western countries in recent years where nobody even battered an eyelid.

-Those who have had a smallpox vaccine (which includes the majority of elderly and clinically vulnerable people) already have a high degree of immunity against monkeypox.

Monkey pox is not another covid. Its is a totally different kind of virus. The world health organization are simply trying to find another virus to control everyone with now that the covid19 pandemic is finally over.

What do you think?

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