Michelle Obama called “ape in heels”in viral racist Facebook post


A racist facebook post implying that Michele Obama is an “ape in heels” has gone viral in America and is causing major controversy.


The racist facebook post was created by Pamela Ramsey Taylor director of a not for profit group from a small American town Clay county where 98% of its 9,000 residents are white, If Mrs Taylors comments weren’t bad enough the Local mayor Beverly Whaling in Clay then responded to Ms Taylors post by adding “just made my day Pam”.

Pamela Ramsey Taylor a director of a not for profit group that is partly funded by the state that helps elderly people as well as low income families. Since the post went viral a petiton has been set up to get both Ms Taylor and mayor Beverly Whaling sacked, so far the petition has over 85, 000 signatures.

Ms Taylor has since apologised about her facebook post saying that her post may possibly be “interpreted as racist, but in no way was intended to be” ” she also added that she was commenting on Michelle Obama’s looks and he comments were not based on Michele Obama’s skin colour and said “My comment was not intended to be racist at all”.

Other have spoken out about Ms Taylor’s post, such as Owens Brown who is director of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People who has said that it was “unfortunate that people still have these racist undertones”.

West Virginia Democratic Party Chairwoman Belinda Biafore has also said sorry on behalf of west Virginia to Michelle Obama saying “West Virginia truly is better than this. These radical, hateful, and racist ideals are exactly what we at the West Virginia Democratic Party will continue to fight against,”.

These racist inflammatory comments only add even more tension in an already dived America.

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