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  • Sounds like you have been “profiled” and now anything you say will be marked as spam by Disqus. Disqus and Google have identified you via your IP, cookies and trackers on websites and now are actively censoring you from saying anything at all I am sad to say. It is these devil worshippers that need to be censored not you.

  • Actually DISQUS systematically censored rational conservative voices, destroyed a huge network within the US in doing so and rendered accounts unable to access other DISQUS comment sites freely. Being as I started with them in 2013 myself and many others had fantastic “rep” scores which came from upvotes and some other metrics I don’t pretend to understand. Prior to the format change many conservative accounts were attacked by a systematic bot which deleted all upvotes and even kept deleting until one user I know had negative 500k upvotes, or downvotes as most would call them. This effectively killed the rep scores of many conservatives, the rep score being the key which allows you to comment on other sites. Yes, they did this and still today my account will not accumulate upvotes even though I get 50+ every day I am on.

  • Yeah, I did the same thought I saw a bargain computer with loads of memory and a decent processor on Amazon, you’d believe from the info would be just what I needed. Lets face it, how often do we treat ourselves to a new home computer?
    So, further down the road I’m realising as is my son that this computer is not all singing and dancing but is a tired slow computer. For example it takes ages to boot up and has difficulty processing images and music together in a video editing program.
    Bear in mind we are busy people and hardly use this PC but for sorting the necessaries like house insurance utilities and all that so for general browsing, You Tube, FB or anything you can do on your phone but for something a bit more involved and sitting more comfortably then forget it. Lenovo SUCKS!
    Don’t know what to buy if I’m honest as they change spec so rapidly but this is comparable to something I had 20 years ago in terms of processing power and speed.

  • Yes, disqus is systematically censoring my “toxic” comments about SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 dogma. They are also slowing down my access to comments (“disqus is taking more time than usual”), many times even making me impossible to “Load more comments” or directly blocking me to access to them. Some of my comments through disqus are “pending” for more than three months.
    First I thought it could be me or something not dependant of disqus. But I checked it in every case many times. I checked my comments both in my disqus profile and directly at the sites where I posted my comments. Even I tried using diferent VPNs. I always have been polite, respectful and objective in all my comments. I read and respect all official disqus rules about comments.
    Last but not least, I am anything but right wing.

  • Yes, disqus is systematically censoring my “toxic” comments about the “SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19” dogma. I always have been polite, respectful and objective in all my comments. I read and respect always all disqus official rules for comments.
    Google is a mimicry of Gestapo. I have to use DuckDuckGo.

  • I purchased a Lenovo PC and within 14 Days and the Hard Drive and Hard Discs have failed and trying to get a refund for a product is like trying to get blood out of a stone In the space of 20 minutes I was passed from one Jobsworth to another

    Buy a Lenovo and you get a Lemon

  • Another fake scientists trying to topple capitalism through marxist restrictions and lockdowns. Now that things are starting to look up he is panicking that this might be the end of his Marxist new normal so is making up as much doomsday garbage as he can to scare the politicians to keep the restrictions.

  • This whole idea that we are not safe until the whole world get vaccinated is stupid and is basically saying on an individual level the vaccines don’t work which isn’t the case. This notion that is now being spread by these fake SAGE scientists is not based upon science but greed. They are trying to make the pandemic and restrictions last for as long as possible so they can maximise profits.

  • Neil Fergusson is a complete and utter liar with an agenda. There should be a review on all these government scientists to check for vested/conflicts of interests. I cannot believe Patrick Vallance was allowed to stay in his job after it was revealed he had huge sums of cash invested in a vaccine company.

  • There are no indications of a third wave of covid coming as official data clearly shows the vaccines are keeping down the virus. This Professor Ravi Gupta is probably being funded by a drugs company who’s vaccine hasn’t been released yet and want to scare countries into buy more vaccines.

  • More people are dying from other things and lockdown is making these illness worse but we have sadists such as Harnden not coming up with alternative strategies and trying to make sure that lockdown lasts for as long as possible.

  • And after using that cleverly spelled word, Disqus will catch on and block that one too. I’ve been through three iterations of a certain Austrian who goes around collapsing countries economies so he can get even richer.

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  • Disqus has a list of words they don’t want us using. You can usually figure out which word(s) in your post have triggered their system to withhold publishing your comment. Just change that word or words and resubmit your remark. If necessary, use clever spelling to get past their list of taboo words!

  • I would have thought that pandemic or not, for a senior health official to hold significant shareholdings in healthcare related industries demonstrates a clear conflict of interest.

    How f*cking greedy are these people? He’s on what, £200K? Plus pension?

  • I’m optimistic. When was the last time the world had such a strong incentive to counter an immediate* threat by throwing vasts amount of money, resources and brainpower at the problem?

    *I’m not including climate change as “immediate” here – it will get the same treatment (possibly too late) in a few decades time.

  • Yes they censor comments … I made a joke the other day saying that the only way to deal with mini terrorists would be using a HK MP5 (with photo of it) and my comment remains pending for 3 days ! the biggest problem is that the site is focused to the right and they can’t even imagine the censorship that the system of this junk plugin does !

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  • It’s worse than that. The website moderators on the left of center sites (like theHill) work in tandem with Disqus to make it almost impossible to post. They specify posts as spam or other. That triggers Disqus to verify the posters as real people and not spam or scam. When you follow the steps to verify then they don’t reply.
    After contacting the websites they mostly don’t know it’s going on.
    So you have renegade employees who work with Disqus ( owned by a Clintonista and fired Apple CEO) to stiffle not only free speech but because they have the majority share of the forum market they connect it across all website forums.
    I have first hand experience of this. I called one poster on this as a moderator and he disappeared.
    That’s the next generation of how these totalitarians intend to stop opposition.

  • It seems like this is a real problem in todays so called churches. The bible is filled with calls from God for christians to have fellowship with other believers (for example John 13:35) and to love one another. Wanting that fellowship with other christian is good it is such a shame that for 20 years you have been ignored just for wanting what the bible is calling for. For Churches that leave people out and ignore people like this is terrible!

  • About to give up on church. For all that it offers, it’s easier to play sermons on the radio or a good, spiritual podcast and listen and pray and worship along to that. I’ve given for about 20 years now and given hard. Still treated like nothing and ignored.

  • Did you know these articles are banned on Google all you get when asking anything about Disqus is links to help center. Google doesn’t list these articles PERIOD I had to use Duck Duck Go.

    Start Page uses the same crap as Google.

  • Was the “ordered” bit just added in by Sky to make it more sensational? What I expect they have done is sent her an invoice, then a letter before action, follow by a lawsuit. It will be very easy for them to show the cost to them in monetary terms, cause by her actions. Why should the airline be out of pocket because of her actions after all.

  • Some of the things he says and does are harsh, but he is better than any one we have in our political system. I laughed when he called the Mayor of London a stone cold Loser. More like a stoned cold loser money grabbing twat looking at the recent Torie drug habit revelations.

  • The lying and discontent is huge. I teach in a poor school and see the divide, in a conservative school I’d taught at I’d hear supposedly christian kids chanting build the wall. I think he’s really pulled at the fabric of America. I live here, he’s had a massive negative impact. FFS we have nazi’s marching on the streets of the US and the president saying ‘good people on both sides’. He’s an absolute disgrace.

    My kids uncle just got legalized, undocumented Mexican, lived here over a decade, suddenly since Trump got in he gets his business signs smashed up. They lived in fear pf raids. For a while he was very scared to leave the house because of the immigration raids. Obama did deport, but targeted. He didn’t raid a house and round up anyone without papers which is happening now. He’s obviously not an Obama fan but Obama deported people generally after due process. If immigration raided a house or business they generally only arrested those they were after. Now its anyone without papers.

    Its quite funny, I was listening to a conservative talk show and a farmer called in and said stop targeting the illegals. he has no fruit pickers. The host argued back but the agricultural industry is getting shafted by the labor issues and trade wars. Trump’s losing the farmers.

  • > Trump is more liberal than Obama? Laughable.

    In some areas he is. But that doesn’t t fit the orangeman-bad narrative.

    > Abortion rulings in southern states show that.

    Entirely understandable. State rights and a view that it’s not simply a question of mother’s rights. You can agree or disagree with abortion laws all you want, but the mantra of “my body, my choice” is a dumb oversimplification – your body your choice to terminate a 7-month foetus…good luck logically justifying that.

    > Transgender military ban? Removing protections for gay partners in domestic violence cases.

    Fine. How many deportations happened in Obama’s presidency and how many drone strikes?

    I love Obama, but the black-white narrative is absurd.

    > He doesn’t have one ounce of integrity in his body.

    Yep. And? How is it impacting you directly? Hes hardly achieving the scale of destruction the Torys and Labour along with GWB did in invading Iraq.

    >The media and harsh times. That was the same in 2015 on the conservative side.

    Yep. Great stuff. The Dems have become just like the tea-party movement and media of the time. So much for being a better option.

  • Trump is more liberal than Obama? Laughable. Abortion rulings in southern states show that. Transgender military ban? Removing protections for gay partners in domestic violence cases.

    The economy, its on the same path now it was under Obama, it’s improved in some aspects but confidence is high? Farm bankruptcies are constant. Up from when Obama was in charge. The trade war is really impacting. Where are those coal jobs?

    Trump doesn’t pretend to be something he isn’t? That must be the most ludicrous comment ever?!

    Self made millionaire? We know that isn’t true.

    He’s on about how he’d like to serve, says he had his own Vietnam.. avoided serving, donated to the Dems, why do you think he won’t release his tax returns? Plays the good family man and pays porn stars off. Says he hates cover ups and has now admitted he paid for numerous cover ups. He doesn’t have one ounce of integrity in his body.

    The media and harsh times. That was the same in 2015 on the conservative side. Trump said the real unemployment was 25%, when it was 4% under Obama, now its 3.5% those figures tell the truth. The country was supposedly a mess when it was moving along nicely.

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  • I go to a church like this. The pastor will only greet certain people and has often walked by me even when I say hello. He then will pass by and approach others. The women are judgemental and only pick those they believe are spiritual. I have reached out, invited people and served them yet received no invitation. No one prays for me. My husband won’t attend because of people like this. I don’t feel like moving on because I hate going alone. I have never felt more alone or lonely then when I entered a church. But I believe that because God has called us to attend, I go out of obedience rather then how I feel. Truth is, God sees me and little by little that is becoming enough.

  • Thank you for recommending for search privacy! Note: a brand new look and upgraded features will be rolling out soon. This includes a better and faster “Anonymous View” proxy option so you can surf the internet in privacy, too.

  • Thanks for the great advice 🙂 I agree that I can lose sight of what is important and everything ends up being a popularity contest. In my city, there are hardly any churches only “big” franchise ones to go to with a huge emphasis on tithing and offerings to make their franchise bigger… currently the one im going to wants to build a massive stadium outside the city… almost like they are building the tower of babel.. not good when there is a big homeless problem in my city. I guess at the end of the day im only going to make friends which is wrong…I feel in today’s society making friends is getting harder and harder as the world gets colder. I go to church now with my brother who at least gives me some company and he has noticed the same thing. Weirdly we can have a long conversation with the old folks whereas people our age just seem to be too busy to talk, either want to show off about their successful job or just want to end the conversation as quick as possible. I have tried talking to people about the bible but everyone seems to evasive to talking about beliefs.

  • How many old people did you ask, “What did you think of the sermon?”? How many lonely people did you ask “How long have you been coming here?”? Do you think you are the only one who is shy? Instead of trying to be part of a group of friends, be friendly to one lonely, old person. Most important: When you visit the next church, try to remember that you are there to worship God, not make friends. (I’m not belittling your feelings; I know all about being ignored. I’m Greek Orthodox, the least friendly group of folks you’ll ever find. I didn’t want to stand around feeling ignored during coffee-and-doughnut time, so I forced myself to walk up to a person who was alone, say hello, and ask a question. Why did I keep going back if they are so unfriendly? Because that is where Right Worship [ortho-doxa] of God is, and that’s more important than my feelings!)

  • I have been banned by Disqus on all sites using them for comments. Leading up to this most of my posts were marked spam, with Disqus saying they were working on it, but they were not. I’ve come to believe that leftist trolls on news sites using Disqus mark your comments as spam, and Disqus goes merrily along with them. I’m also quite sure those trolls work for Disqus.

  • Starwars battlefield sucks bad. I wouldn’t be so peeved that this was happening if the game was cheap.. but I bought it only a couple months ago for £50 and from the get-go I had problems with lag and now thanks to the “ping site issue” cannot even get into the game./ Hope EA reputation tanks and they go under for this.

  • About time someone published something about this. I am very surprised when I see the streams on Youtube because most of the time this game is unplayable. I have two computers and get the Ping Site issue on both of them. Both are gaming rigs and fast internet. Do we just give up and move on to another game after investing so much time building up our profile in the game?

  • Ever since I bought this game I have had constant lag issues (rubber banding, random
    crashes etc) but now I am unable to play the game AT ALL! Putting the constant lag issues aside for a moment…a few weeks ago I started getting problems where I would randomly disconnect from the game..but now after waiting a long time to find a game I am put in a lobby with
    only me there meaning I cannot play the game AT ALL. Just to take the biscuit even more.. not only do I get the ping site issue but when I am in a lobby with only me in it I get the slow connection warning. What gives?

  • I really hope you get it sorted. Under new GDPR laws, you have the right to discuss it and they cannot refuse. Something like that if went through could totally wreck someone’s life and have really bad consequences for them. I hope whoever is responsible is caught.

  • Have been contacted by credit card fraud officer because Ebuyer charged up 25 (yes 25) laptops to our credit card which the company had previously refused because the billing address was not a UK address. Credit card company suspect fraud. Ebuyer’s response? To cancel our account and that of another person at same address and to offer no apologies, explanation, or even sympathy. We have been blacklisted because of THEIR error and possible fraud, and they are refusing to even discuss it. And no, we have not received a single laptop from them.

  • Almost…

    You were thinking of a liver fluke (Dicrocoelium lanceolatum) that infects first a snail and then an ant which will climb up a flower or grass stalk before fixing itself to the plant through a parasite induced mandible cramp…

    Other, related parasites infect a snail’s brain, and makes the eye stalks swell, develop coloured rings, and wave around like worms to attract birds.

    Certain unicellular parasites (Toxoplamsa sp.) that eventually infect cats play the same game with mice and rats, making them more curious and less afraid of open spaces, and even interested in cat urine, increasing the chance that the rodent gets eaten!

    The really scary thing is that there is good epidemiological evidence that this also affects humans (e.g. significantly higher toxoplasmosis rates in juvenile traffic accident victims compared to control cohorts, suggesting that brain infection may potentially promote reckless behavior).

    This is just another reason why letting a cat shit outside the owner’s house is criminally antisocial behavior.

  • The coolest thing about some botfly species is that their host animals have evolved a flight response to hearing the characteristic buzz. Instead of attacking their hosts directly the female flies, therefore, catch other parasites such as ticks or other flies and load their undersides with sticky botfly eggs, which are then transferred the next time the intermediate vector visits their shared host!

    Parasitology has some of the finest examples of evolution in action!

  • Heres another reason reason why to not buy lenovo ever: I was feeling playful and wanted to fix my broken phones. Touchscreen change on huawei wend without any problems, but on my Lenovo I broke display while removing touch. Why? They “accidentaly” put more glue on touch than it was needed so it stick to display too and I broke it when I pulled touch up! Never buy fuckin Lenovo!

  • DISGUST truly is a “TOXIC” filter of people’s comments (usually truthful ones) that they oppose. At least they gave themselves the correct description! As Romans chptr 1 forewarned: “evil men who suppress the truth in all unrighteous deception….”

  • I did receive them. They are just as beautiful as in the picture. And best of all…..they fit me! I ordered shoes with an easy, wide, 2″ heel. Since it had been decades since I had walked in anything but a flat, I was a little concerned that I’d be

  • I had a broadly Quaker upbringing, attending meeting about once a month until in early teens, and my mum is still heavily involved.

    My adult view of religion is very much that it meets a human need, and I’m close to atheist, but do still consider attending meeting occasionally, and feel it would benefit our kids.

    The reason I still have significant sympathy for it as a religion/philosophy is the lack of heirarchy and dogma and its enduring ability to take what I view as the positive parts of religion such as tolerance, caring and contemplation while avoiding the human tendency towards power struggles and corruption.

  • My brother went to a music school with Quaker roots (he eventually concluded after our Catholic upbringing that religions exist because of a human need for religion – rather than anything other worldly), and he was struck by what he came across enough to go to the Quaker meeting house in Sheffield when he was older and no longer attended the school. With the ‘live and let live’ qualities, and focus being on how one actually lives. He used to like the meets on Sundays when he occasionally went, where people would talk about whatever came to mind and others would listen.

    He’s the kind of guy who while other people in their early 20’s might have avoided talking to people in the 50’s + in favour of other people his age at a mixed gathering, he concluded that older people are people too, and one might as well talk to them.

  • “I think it is more a philosophy than a religion. I think Buddhism is similar. ”

    I don’t know much about Quakers, really, beyond that the few I’ve known have seemed very decent people.

    But Buddhism is definitely a religion – indoctrinating young boys into their temples, teaching scripture, and having faith in certain concepts and ideas – and even in gods depending on the particular flavour of it. And even the occasional religious war.

    It’s a pretty contemplative religion, and there are plenty of different versions of it; I suspect the notion that it’s ‘just a philosophy’ comes from Westerners ‘bringing back’ the elements of it they liked from those quaint foreign places far away, and creating systems of philosophy based on it…

  • There’s long been a secular end to the ‘Quaker belief spectrum’. The other end sees people (like my mother) who mix her Friends participation with attendance at the village parish church.

    For me, the important thing about being a Quaker isn’t what you believe, but how you act. It’s paramount above all else to ‘walk the talk’, or even the silence.

  • If you buy from these guys then you are taking a gamble as they do not do refunds. They just do really low end cheap computers and laptops so don’t expect speed or any sort of reliability. The best you can hope for is to browse the internet without the browser freezing up if you have a few too many tabs open.

  • Hi everyone, I have been suffering from foot and heel pain for a while now and tried lots of different way to help soothe it but whatever I do nothing seems to help. Will loom into buying a pair of those insoles but I’m not sure what to but because iv tried superfeet insoles in the past which came highly recommend on various running forums and were meant to help but instead made things a whole lot worse for me. If anyone got any tips then I am all ears! Thank you!

  • I wear these all the the time now because they make my shoes so much more comfortable. I used to wear superfeet insoles but those did nothing to help support my feet or stop my feet from hurting. These on the other hand are so much better as they are a third of the price but give me a lot better arch support and will fit inside all of my shoes without any problems whilst the superfeet ones would push my feet into awkward positions and felt just too bulky inside my shoes.

  • When it comes down to web design regarding your screen area they are not on the side of the customers. They now decide spam you whether you want it or not with their persistently fixed navigation bar that is huge/distraction that can rob you of screen area and remains stuck and the same in store advert on both sides of the screen area.

    I did get some good deals and I didn’t really have any problems in the past with not too cheap big brand name things but I heard from others that when things go wrong you have go legal to get your money back as they try to refer you to the manufacturers some of which offer a repair of swap with a used unit.

  • Got myself a pair of these last week and thought I would just warn people not to buy them…. as after wearing them for a week iv decided to bin them. They are simply no good and seem to push my feet into a weird and uncomfortable position and have caused me to get blisters on my feet and bad heel pain.

  • These are awful, very expensive and do nothing to help! I bought them to try to help with the pain I was getting in my arches but after week of wearing them they have done nothing to help with my pain..if anything they have made my feet feel worse. Would not recommend anyone buy them!

  • These are over priced and complete rubbish. They do not support your feet and caused mine to ache even more when I wore them. If your thinking of buying these insoles then I would suggest you think again and save your money and buy something else. You can get better from ebay for a third of the prices of these.

  • I really don’t no why people recommend these so much because they are rubbish and expensive! Did very little to help with my plantar fasciitis pain and were very awkward and uncomfortable.

  • Fast and Easy The order was perfect in every detail. orthofeet had no way of knowing that I have used a heel support or Viconic shoes for years, so all of the instructions were really nice but I didn’t need them I was looking for comfy slippers not s

  • Your not alone! I know what you mean about having people say hi to you and that’s it they do it at my church at the entrance… seems very hollow especially when you then ask if they are okay and they ignore you :/
    Hope you can take strength from the fact that one of Jesus biggest messages was to love your neighbor which shows that it is not Christianity that is in the wrong here its the fact that people do not listen or practice what they preach.

    It is really sad that in some churches people feel the need to pick and choose which neighbors they will love and make church into some sort of popularity contest!

    I do hope you will be okay maybe have a word with the main pastor and tell them your problems and you need guidance a good pastor will surely help you out 🙂

  • Been going and a member of a Baptist church for twenty years. But for a long time I’m being ignored, I see these people on the street and they ignore me, won’t even acknowledge me. I’m divorced, unemployed, and suffer from chronic Deppression. This does my Deppression worse. Feel unwanted, and am ignored by many at church. It’s not a big church but around fifty members. I’ve tried to mix in but to no avail. Going to my church, isn’t a moment I look forward to. Couples say hi. That’s it. The good friend I have is Married woman. Cares for the sick, not proud, not ignorant, but has a heart for people. I don’t think she is a Christian. God open her eyes. To the Saviour .I pray. My mum died recently and many who knew her. Didn’t even say sorry about your mum. They took no interest. Never even sent her a bunch of flowers nothing. Was really ill. Parkinson’s. Than Christ she was a committed Christian. It could be I’m unemployed on the sick forever. I have three children lovely daughters. I find it Awfull to ignore a father with lovely children. Yes am single. Thinking of stopping being a member. But will still go to my church. Being a member, a Christian, has made no difference to other people in church. No wonder so many have left the church and now have gone astray. If you don’t fit in. Being a non member makes it more manageable. So many people leave. But no other goog churches were the pastor is a true follower of Christ.

  • They don’t need to cater to any of your sad ass Christian beliefs, your whole religion was built off a foundation of blood and souls. Get over yourselves. Google and its people don’t owe you a damn thing. Get a grip.

  • Google is in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. Once it provides doodles for one religion, it pretty much would have to provide doodles for every religion. Worse, which “flavor” of Christianity should Google doodle? If it were too Catholic it would offend protestants and vice versa. And what about Orthodox Easter? It would have to doodled on a different day. If Christians are desparate for doodles, they are welcome to make their own and they can put them on their denomination’s home page. Frankly, any religion that is butt hurt because it doesn’t receive an official corporate sponsorship from Google is pretty lame.

  • Romans 1: 32

    “and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.”

    Only Christianity poses a threat to Satan’s plans. All the other false beliefs pose no threat and are heartily celebrated.

  • Google has such pathetic excuses. “Uh we made a doodle for Easter back in 2000”. Excuse me, did I just hear 2000?! If you’re going to preach religious tolerance, be tolerant towards all religions, not just the ones you like.

  • This game is so boring. So boring in fact that it has actually put me off playing games all together and got me thinking about going outside and doing sport instead.. so can be thankful off that even if they did scam me out of £30.

  • Superfeet are absolutely terrible. I got a pair for my plantar fasciitis and they wrecked my feet and made my pain a whole lot worse. Went to see a foot specialist and he gave my some footreviver ones which were a lot better.

  • Sounds just like my monitor.

    Faulty £800 display with lines on the screen.

    RMA rejected due to a tiny chip in the stand which was sent back seperately and wrapped in bubble wrap, brown tape and then boxed.

    Shady as hell. I will be taking it further.

  • Disqus censorship is rife. If it was up to Disqus and you hold “right wing” views or anything for that matter that goes against the fascist liberals then you would never be able to post a comment on the internet again. DISQUSTING.

    A class action lawsuit should be brought against Disqus for censoring people freedom of speech!

  • If I was you I would definitely stay away from scholl insoles those things totally wrecked my feet and made things a lot worse for me. A lot of people say that you need custom insoles which are a lot more expensive.. ignores those people. There is no proof whatsoever that wearing expensive insoles is better for you than pair of off the shelf insoles.

  • I would go for the FootReviver ones as they are the best in my opinion. I got some for Christmas and and they have helped sort out my pronation stopping my feet from hurting. Unlike other brands like superfeet I have found that Footreviver’s are a lot more affordable, better quality and last longer. Hope this helps 🙂

  • I really cannot recommend footreviver enough when it comes to treating plantar fasciitis. I have tried loads of different insoles to help get rid of my pain.. I have even shelled out £200 for a pair of custom orthotics form a podiatrist which proved to be useless and only made my pain worse. After just 2 weeks of wearing the footrevivers in my shoes I have seen a huge difference. Before I wouldn’t be able to properly bare weight on my foot and I could not walk for too long without getting really bad pain but now I have nowhere near as trouble and feel so much better. It has been such a long time since I have been able to walk properly I have forgotten how good it feels. Honestly don’t be tricked like I was into thinking you need super expensive custom orthotics to treat this as you really don’t! Those podiatrists aren’t looking to help you they are simply snakeoil scammers just wanting to take your money off you.

  • Since developing plantar fasciitis (it is so disabling and painful I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy) I have been unable to properly walk for months. I have started to wear the FootReviver insoles after reading about them here and now wear them all the time and they have made a MASSIVE improvement to my plantar fasciitis. I no longer feel half as much aches and pains as I used to and you can feel them changing and correcting the way you walk so when my plantar fasciitis goes it should be gone for good! Thanks for the great suggestion!

  • I do hope this notice of Googles continued Satanic mission, as it grows all powerful and God like in it’s own eyes, to control the masses, is read and understood for what it is. Google is no friend, Google is quite evil, Google must be broken up, and the old standard, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts, absolutely”, is still true, and, “The Love Of Money, Is The Root Of All Evil”. And we know Google loves and worships money. Best news for you and me is this, “Jesus Is Lord”, for all time.

  • Thanks for your comment 🙂 I guess these tech company’s despite making billions in profit they still feel threatened by the light/don’t want to face up to reality and don’t want others to read the truth either a real shame. By the way really like your site

  • Disqus censored my comments which happened to be talking about God – on a Christian website.

    The comment “–” was fine to post using Disqus, but when I tried to post a comment containing “Jesus” or “God”, it was immediately filtered and blocked as “spam”. I sent a message to that Christian site where I had tried to post comments, informing them of this and recommended they delete Disqus from their site and use wordpress comments instead.

  • Hopefully googles arrogance/evil has got the better of them here. Looks as though google can decimate small businesses in its search results but… youtube is where the younger generation hangout.. anger them and then you anger the trend setters and your stupid youtube becomes uncool!

  • How can you say for sure it is fake? You cannot definitely say something is fake if you weren’t there and have no proof. Likewise the people in the video have no proof they didn’t fake it either. But what this video does show is that amazon could potentially warp peoples minds if they wanted too. Now its up to you to decide if you trust amazon or not.

  • Whether Simon says function was used or not doesn’t matter it still reminder that tech and the internet cannot be trusted. Machine learning will always be weighted based upon the subjective view of what is right and wrong by the one who programs it. Amazons morally corrupt.. Jeff bezos pays for court cases for gay marriage, amazon prime producers involved exposed as a “Harvey Weinstein” fellow amazon not paying tax, ruthless business practices..yadada.

    Id get my info from the bible rather than some lame device that could potentially be used in a bad way… machine learning will always be weighted based upon the subjective view of what is right and wrong by the one who programs it.

  • At what point do we accept responsibility? At what point do we say as the American people, “We are responsible for our happiness, breaking down racial barriers, managing our money appropriately, not over spending, not being a people swallowed in debt, so jobs can be created?” At what point do we say, “My president, mayor, and pastor is one man, so Im responsible for how my life turns out and we the people are responsible for how this country operates.” Man…we give a lot of power over our lives to other individuals and then when they cant change our life, we wonder why. Trump just got in office. He was handed a country that is strapped in debt and who’s economical foundation has been on the rocks long before now. I dont expect him to make it better, nor any other president. If we want real change in this country we better get back on our knees, cry out with repentance, and make SERIOUS changes, or i think were in for a lot rougher ride coming up than just this.

  • Don’t work for them, but I love their products and advocate for them. I’m giving you the hard truth hear. Windows PCs work fundamentally the same, being slow or laggy isn’t a Lenovo issue, more-so either an age issue, virus issue, or simply you purchased a low-end machine that can’t keep up. Where Lenovo shines is in hardware — ThinkPads are still the best business machines ever.

  • As someone who spends a lot of time on Lenovo equipment I’d like to give a bit of a reply to your opinion piece.

    You mentioned “There are literally hundreds of complaints online” and linked to a consumer affairs website where there are 813 complaints dating back to 2005. Last year alone Lenovo shipped over 55 Million computers. Even if we said half the complaints came from last year that’s 400 complaints from over 55,000,000 machines shipped. Those are odds I’ll stick with and better than many other makes.

    Bloatware, is no longer a thing and on Lenovo machines and this is accepted industry wide. Other makers are taking similar steps to follow the Lenovo example on current machines. System utilites such the system Companion can be easily configured to schedule scans or be disabled entirely for those with the knowledge and confidence to manage firmware updates on their machines. For those who do not have this confidence, tools such as the Companion make sure that Firmware updates are delivered to provide system stability and security updates when required with minimal concern to the end user.

    Regarding CPUs, in broad terms I do not concur with your Intel Processor assessments for capability.
    Your description appears based on conjecture rather than first hand experience. For example, your comments around the 6th Generation i5 is more commonly appropriate to the performance expectation of an Atom CPU. Which for example I have in my ThinkPad 10 which is used daily for browsing, stylus input note taking, light Office tasks and light photo editing from time to time (which it more than copes with admirably.)

    My work daily driver Core i5 based Lenovo Yoga 11S (Intel Core i5-3339Y – more than 2 years older than the Core i5-6200U you mentioned) is powering 2x 20+” Monitors external monitors (3 displays in total), running Outlook, Excel, 25+ Chrome Tabs, 2x Edge Tabs, XLite, Trillian, Teams and at various times between two and four RDP and other connection tools to remote systems. My average CPU usage is around 35-45% – on a CPU from Q1, 2013). I do a lot of work with photographs none of which are small and the Lenovo Yoga 11S is more than capable of this when required.

    Lenovo ThinkCentre machines are aimed at the business market and features, technologies and warranties included are reflected in the price. In the examples of the ThinkCentre M700 and M910 Tiny I looked at the part numbers on Amazon examples finding their part numbers reflected an accompanying 3 year onsite warranty, compared to the usual 1 year RTB (Return To Base) warranty you get with consumer grade equipment. These machines are also built with some components and technologies such as vPro enabled CPUs which are not of practical use to consumers but increase the cost of the hardware.

    Lenovo V110-15ISK
    Interestingly having looked at this machine on Amazon the 11 Reviews of this machine are all positive with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5. This would be 11 examples of satisfied users who have not had the negative experience you have portrayed, in fact the comments include “Runs my design software flawlessly and is lightening fast.”

    In regards your pricing research I would recommend extending searches beyond Amazon and doubly so if you are investigating business class machines such as the ThinkCentre ranges. Suppliers such as Insight have these same machines at much lower prices than you have listed.

  • I totally agree ALL Lenovo computer are useless. I start working at a new place and they all have them and every single one is the slowest computers I have ever used EVER. They are complete rubbish.. that’s is all I can say. Save your money and stress don’t buy one.

  • I have a Lenovo compuer and hate it. It is so sloooooow. I have never had a computer this slow before.
    But because slowness is not an excuse for returning something apprently according to Lenovo support even tho it IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE, I cannot get a refund.

  • My problem with the comments above is that he is basically saying that if you pay for a budget computer you get what you pay for but if you buy higher end pcs Lenovo is the best..when actually if you look at the specs of both low-end and high end computers Lenovo on average offers the least. Also if you drop a thinkpad from a ladder I don’t think it would survive.

  • Obvious person commenting above works for Lenovo as who would have lots of different Lenovo products as their avatar picture :/ So, looks as though Lenovo hires people to write good stuff about them online. How very dishonest. I guess that is yet another reason not to buy their rubbish.

  • First going to address the last point: Lenovo no longer preloads any third party bloatware whatsoever. They’ve made an emphasis on this after Superfish, and I have Lenovo products that were released in 2016 and 2017 — it’s an extremely clean load of Windows, which is way ahead of other PC makers. And especially on the ThinkPad line, you’ll find an even cleaner build. Past performance is not indicative of future results…

    Other points: of course if you buy a low end PC you won’t get a graphics card or high quality memory or some fancy motherboard. That’s what budget PCs are — lower end products both in price and in quality and performance. But once you get to their gaming PCs or their Think workstations, you’ll see perhaps the best performance in any PC company period.

    You can’t spill water on a MacBook Pro or drop it from a ladder and have it survive!! You can with a ThinkPad.

  • Recently I bought a new Lenovo computer for working on at home. I bought this new computer from ebuyer thinking that I picked up a total bargain paying just £220 for a Lenovo thinkcentre desktop. I was so wrong!

    I have had nothing but stress from the get gop with this new computer. The first time I started it up it lagged like crazy for no reason.. even the mouse would stutter and lag. After a few day the computer on start up the computer would show the blue screen of death..forcing me to system restore the computer and loose all of my hard work. I ran up ebuyer who told me that the only way that I was going to get a refund was if I rang up Lenovo for them to confirm that my computer was defective. After finally getting through to Lenovo support centre Iw as told over the phone that my computer had nothing wrong with it and that I would have to live with it. I now have been using this computer for several months and it has been the worst experience ever.

    -Starting up my computer takes forever, I can literally go watch tv for 10 minutes whilst I wait for my computer to start up.
    -The computer is extremely slow so much so that you cannot properly browse the internet without firefox becoming overloading and becoming unresponsive.
    -I have to just forget about doing any work on photoshop or anything graphical because the computer
    -loading up mydocuments is extremely slow.. this is when there is hardly much at all in the folder.

  • Just did a little bit more research and turns out the Red Cross actually did have christain roots at the start. <<<< so it looks as though the Red Cross who explicitly denies any religious affiliation on their own website was in fact inspired by Christianity but have since chosen reject to Christianity (but not the Islamic symbolism in Middle East countries). Also by the looks of things I don't think their are any pay caps on charity bosses.. the save the children boss over £260k wow!

  • Thanks for providing the link…interesting article. i want to clarify from my comment above that im not glad they are not a Christian organization, but glad to have clarified the fact. Because i prefer if im going to support an organization for it to be Christian based. I wonder how many donations theyve received from individuals who thought the cross in their name meant they were Christian based? Also…are there laws in place to keep these CEOs of these non profits from pulling exhorbitant salaries? sheesh

  • Thanks for the your tips will include more evidence in more of my posts, really appreciate you helping me improving thebosh! Here is a link to his blog post>>
    Just because people are not from the same background/ethnicity doesn’t mean they cannot help you have to think of the good Samaritan story and just thought his post was just yet another attack on christanity so needed to write this 🙂

  • oh wow…i think i actually was wondering that recently if the Red Cross was Christian…and Im glad I read it wasnt! I honestly wonder what God thinks of it when 170,000 donated to help the poor and hurting goes into his pocket…seems wild. I wish when you included the title of his article that you would have linked it to his actual blog post…so i could read it. Also, in some of your other posts as well, itd be nice to link back to your evidence in the article or at the end of your articles. Thanks! 🙂

  • I agree amd really screwed a lot of gamers who held out and waited for the new desktop..not only to be disappointed by amd dismal vega card but also the rise in price for nvidia cards. Now building a gaming computer is more expensive for the same specs that it was months ago thanks to shortage of memory.

  • I bought a new computer from ebuyer and it completely sucks! It cannot even open up FIREFOX without major lag. I contacted ebuyer and they simply refused to give me a refund. Bad bad company!

  • The guardian has been constantly reporting on each one of these British social attitudes surveys and every small percentage increase for atheism for a long time. The guardian is devoid of any compassion or empathy for any issue that isn’t affecting the writers directly. However the guardian and so called modern liberals will not win.

  • AMD had all the gamers on. It has targeted miners deliberately stabbing gamers in the back just to make a quick couple of bucks on the mining hype. This is why we need more than two graphics cards companies or else the consumer just gets screwed time and time again!

  • I hope no one ever reads this article, like I just did. There is almost nothing true in this article and the few facts present are twisted to portay the opposte of reality.
    This article is false from start to finish.

    Cryptomining is very bad for the AMD and Invidia, and the gamers trying to buy sold out/overpriced cards.
    AMD is taking steps to avoid the cards being used by cryptomining by selling them in multi product bundles. A risky move for them made expressly to counter the current trend of cards getting sold out to cryptominers by making it unprofitable for the miner but still appealing to many gaming consumers.
    AMD stated multiple times before the card was ever released that it’s not aimed toward gaming, but to fill a niche for (if i remember this part correctly) content creators, streamers, and some gaming.
    Thankfully it gives consumers who dislike Nvidia a high end card option for gaming to boot.

    All these facts can easily be supported from multiple sources found from just a quick search.

  • Maybe he shouldn’t push himself too much. Also when your as rich as some of these people they think that being famous is there purpose when in actual fact life is more meaningful than that. Maybe he should use his “people pleasing” to help homeless people and the less fortunate even more rather than just entertaining crowds of people like a performing monkey?

  • The Crusades were instigated in 1095 by Pope Urban II, who preached that in a war to free the sacred city of Jerusalem one could obtain God’s favor, and a seat at his throne, by killing the Islamic infidels who occupied it, not because the Muslims were killing ‘a ton of people’ And even if they were is it not Christian doctrine to turn the other cheek and forgive them? Christianity and Islam (and most other religions) claim it is not their religion to kill but seem to quite happily justify doing it on an industrial scale on any dubious pretext.

  • The crusade were pretty effective it was only when they started to become greedy and forgot why they were there that they started to fail. The crusades were a response to Muslims mass murder if the Muslims weren’t going around killing a ton of people they would never have happened. The crusades weren’t Christian thing at all to do.. because your meant to love your enemies and not kill anyone. 🙂 I do agree that there are a lot of bad apples out there that use religion as a means of getting what they want. The pope who called for the crusades said “All who die by the way, whether by land or by sea, or in battle against the [Muslims], shall have immediate [forgiveness] of sins.” -Pope Urban II, 1095 but he was just a man and had no authority to say that.. so the crusades werent a christian thing just a Catholic thing.

  • “Another more long term way to stop these attacks is to convert the Muslims to Christianity” Are you kidding? That what the Crusades were – not a great success. And everyone being a Christian means peace how stupid is that? Christians have been very proficient in killing each other in enormous numbers over the years. How about just dumping all religion then we’d all have at least one less reason to kill each other.

  • Lenovo is good if you don’t want to do any work and you enjoy stressing and watching things freeze up all the time. Would definitely recommend anyone thinking of buying a new computer to avoid Lenevo. Worst computer manufacturer ever!

  • People under estimate googles impact upon society as a whole if they are not regulated and allow to manipulate the world biggest source of information the internet. Looking on another leftist site reporting on this seems all the deluded lefties want google to rule other them and feed them liberal garbage.

  • There is an interesting church watch website all about the hillsong megachurch maybe though I am reading too many websites focusing on bad churches rather than focusing on the good (will try to fix that), maybe it is wrong of me to make any judgements at all. Just as long as the pastors aren’t exploiting the bible and peoples faith as a means of getting rich via offerings “you donate x amount to us and you will be blessed then I guess your right there isn’t anything wrong with churches being rich. Money after all is needed to spread the message. Currently I am still attending the same church and Im going by your advise about being “that person” 🙂

  • I saw that article about Justin canceling his tour. I didnt see the part about him going to the Hillsong Conference and being touched by God. If thats true though…thats amazing! Also, Ive always loved Hillsong and never heard of them being involved in tax evasion. Do you have any articles or research supporting that? Id be interested in reading that. I dont think its wrong for Christians or pastors to be wealthy. Should we be poor? I suppose the real question is how do people get their money, and how do they spend it. These are things we cant always see. For example, you may have a pastor who makes an average salary, but writes books, is involved in real estate investment, speaking engagements, has been careful with his money for a long time. So we cant assume we know how people get their money, including pastors. I always thought it would be amazing if Justin Beiber used his talents for God. I could totally see the calling on his life. If he were to start doing that…lets applaud it! I dont own any of his music but its sad the way everyone puts him down. He’s still a person and designed by God and as such, someone we should honor and respect. Also, did you ever try that church again or another one? I hope so. Dont give up. You are valuable to the kingdom of God, and he wants to use you.

  • Hopefully these will be better than the cintiq 27qhd. I couldn’t use the 27qhd because the parallax got on my nerves so much. It was big but you were limited to a small section in the middle of the screen…any deviation would exaggerate the parallax too much.

  • This is good news I was expecting wacom to do this and luckily I sold my cintiq 27qhd second hand on eBay for more than the now reduced rrp. 😉 Hope that there isn’t even a slight parallax on these big tablets and is just a bigger version of the current cintiq pro models. Think wacom should reduce the price a bit too obv.

  • I have a lenovo computer and the best way to describe how truly crap it is that it is worse than using one of those windows xp computers that you would get at school in the early 00s.

  • Thank you for taking your time to write your comment, it really helps to know that I am not just being paranoid. Lack of welcoming at a church especially for people new to Christianity can be a huge disservice to god and can feel really personal.
    I think that your are totally right about reaching out to people and doing the opposite of what has became the unfortunate norm. I would hate to think someone new to christianity would go to a church that I go to and feel unwelcome and feel as though Christianity isn’t for them. We should live according to the example of Jesus who would go door to door welcoming people to Christianity… Making friends and welcoming people is a lot more fun anyway than sticking to an clique!

  • I wanted to add that the only way Ive ever found out of this situation is to serve and be involved. Its not always a guarentee youll form frindships, but it can definately help. Most friendships i ever have made at church required some leg work. And you may have to make that effort to start out with first knowing no one….which can be weird. So joining things like the worship team, volunteering to serve the youth, park ministries ect usually gets you connected with that particular group of people. Hoping that people will just walk up to you at church or barbeques and exchnage numbers and invite you to coffee is something i think people who feel alone hope and wish for…but for me it almost “never” happened that way. It happened through serving and involvement…even though at first this can be akward when youre new. I do think it can and does get better if we do the leg work.

  • The Bosh…wow this article really spoke to me. You are NOT alone in feeling this way. Ive been in church my whole life and have experienced this OVER and OVER and OVER. You mentioned youre disabled and feel youve done something wrong. I dont think thats it. I really dont think looks or even personality have much to do with it. I also think this is just not just isolated to “church.” I think in general society at large has become self absorbed. Its the me me me mentality instead of thinking about reaching out to others. The problem is the church has not come out and decided to be separate and different from the world and hence why many churches arent growing.I cant tell you how many times ive exchanged phone numbers with someone at church, reached out and texted them ( and they usually do respond) but then not have them make ANY effort to contact me the next time. The church is in a sad and asleep state and if we dont wake up…the churches may really start to diminish as the younger generations seem to be falling out more and more. I think most people fail to realize when people walk through the doors of the church they want LOVE and CONNECTION, not a sermon. As a church, we need to get it right. As christians we need to be “looking” at church and everywhere we go for people we can exchange numbers with, call and ask how theyre doing, and invite them out for coffee to chat. Since it seems most christians dont understand this, the only thing i can say is BE that person. Be the person that looks for others, calls them and reaches out to them. And this post…dont keep these thoughts to yourself anonymously…tell other christians how this made you feel and how you want ti be different and set the example. You can and are the difference. And you will be for the many others that feel “alone” at church.

  • The really stupid thing is that if you held off buying a nvidia grahpics card waiting for the amd vega the promotion offer for free games for the nividia graphics cards has expired. AMD SUCKS!

  • Yeah James, info on Vega has been updated…

    “VEGA will teased on May 16th, with the full
    VEGA reveal coming between May 30th and June 3rd. With the
    official release of the reference model cards being June 5th.
    This is right in line with AMD’s confirmation of RX VEGA
    launching in Q2 of 2017 and will match the release window of
    their former Polaris Architecture which spawned the ‘RX 400’
    Series of GPU’s.

    According to the source, there
    will be three RX VEGA cards on launch, with a naming scheme
    that has to do with a space theme.

    So, the
    first card is the ‘RX VEGA Core’ which will start at $399
    USD and will compete head to head with the GTX 1070, offering
    similar or better performance. Next up is the ‘RX VEGA
    Eclipse’ which will start at $499 USD and will compete with
    the GTX 1080. With finally, the Big VEGA card being the ‘RX
    VEGA Nova’, which will retail at $599 USD and will compete
    with the GTX 1080 Ti.”

  • 100%. It doesn’t end with sub-spec PCs; I had a motherboard sabotaged by ebuyer in order to invalidate the warranty. The board developed a fault when one of the semiconductors visibly failed, it was very clear what had happened. I was advised by The manufacturer to return it to my retailer under the warranty, so I sent it back to ebuyer. A week or two later I received an email saying that the board had been damaged and so wasn’t under warranty any longer; they had snapped off one of the ram retaining clips…. I feel I have got my monies worth though, I spent weeks putting negative comments on their Facebook feed and webpage. It must easily have cost them more in man hours getting rid of my comment, not to mention the loss of customers from those who did see. Maybe if everyone did that..?

  • Glad I could help. I think getting away from using Gmail is even more important because Gmail is the worst of all email services due to the fact that:
    a)Googles actively scans your PRIVATE emails and collects data which it then uses to show you “targeted ads” and possibly do other dodgy stuff with it for example a google employee was convicted of stalking on little childrens using data he got from their google accounts.
    b) One day you might log into your account and find that google has “detected unusual activity” for no reason at all… and needs you to send them a copy of your passport in order for them to unlock your account. If you don’t send them your passport details then all your emails will be lost forever (this has happened to me).

    One of the best email services is which encrypts all of your data and is said to be the most secure mail service around so secure that even the NSA cannot read your emails.

    The only downside to protonmail is the fact that it is limited to 150 messages per day for free accounts.

    However is a free and does not limit messages and has just as many cool features.

    With these encrypted email services you can choose to send normal messages or encrypted ones whereby the only way the receipt will be able to read the email is if they have a special password that you give them.

    You could also try icloud by apple which will be secure… Apple kind of takes security quite seriously, so much so that they refused to reveal iphone passwords of Isis terrorists in America to the government :/.

    Another good option is outlook, although outlook is owned by Microsoft so who knows what they are going to do with your data… but probably not as bad as google… and doesn’t at least lock you out of your account for no reason.

  • Hey James thanks so much! I am now using as my default search engine. Do you know of an email server that is respectful of privacy and doesn’t track you. I want to completely do away with Google.

  • If you are looking for total privacy then is a good search engine to use. Or you could use which uses google search results but stops google from tracking you.
    Using an ad blocker will also help to stop google from tracking you and will help to stop annoying ads everywhere and speed up your browser, a good one of those would be ublock origin. Hope this helps!

  • This may be an incredibly incredible strong resource that you’re supplying and you simply offer it away cost-free!! I comparable to discovering web sites which view the specific worth of supplying you a superb unstedranding resource for zero expense. We actually dearly loved examining this article. Be thankful!

  • Payer tout ça pour l’emballage, ça s’apparente à du fétichisme, non ? Bon, chacun ses fantasmes. Moi, j’ai l’édition de poche, vieille de vingt ans et qui s’use peu parce que, j’avoue, je n’aime pas Bael.dairueVerlaine, en revanche… Et quitte à avoir une photo au mur, je choisirais Clint Easwood.

  • Large girls think that if they can fit into smaller sizes, th;8e#y217&re not fat. What they fail to notice is that the tight clothing enhances the rolls of fat and actually highlights them, and as a result they look even larger than they really are. That is not a flattering sight. Well fitted clothes all the way!

  • Great giveaway. I’m actually going back to school in September (at 31 years old!). Hahaha, but anyway. Yes, I do follow you on YouTube, my username is TheJnervous. If I won, I would love to receive the F80! I’ve been wanting that brush for a wh.Tailhenks!!

  • Encore un bel exemple de censure absurde et stalinienne…nous ressemblons de plus en plus aux amarcicÃins…autorensu©e des médias en général…plus de contradictions….rien que du propre et du lisse…les libertés individuelles s’en vont de plus en plus…jusqu’à quand….qu’elle société voulons nous….au travail les jeunes…

  • Thanks. I have had my cintiq for a couple of months now and Id say that it isn’t really worth the money. The parallax effect is really annoying and you can buy an Ipad pro now that hasn’t got the parallax effect plus it allows you to tilt the pen and is a fully fledged tablet for a third of the price of a cinitq! Plus you need a really powerful computer to make the most of the cintiq because in Photoshop it will lag like crazy if you work on high resolution images and lots of layers! I hope this helps.

  • I am so glad that Donald trump won and not war lord Hillary Clinton, as she would have caused world war 3 with Russia if she won! Now Donald trump is president hopefully all of these silly proxy wars with Russia will end and they will start to work together for peace and a better world.

  • Sometimes you gotta think do you really need insoles? If you don’t have flat feet or poor gait for example insoles might not actually help and could actually make things worse. For me the best insoles are no insoles at all.. I find that they just bulk up my shoes too much and don’t really do much.. but that just me and everyone is different.

  • I knew it all seemed to good to be true when they announced the results of the referendum.. noway are the big businesses gonna just let the “plebs” and “deplorables” have a say.

  • I cannot believe how expensive insoles are! £30 for a piece of plastic? That is just ridiculous. I never wear insoles in my shoes and have never got plantar fasciitis in my life.. I just get aching feet sometimes if I stand around fro long periods but that is it.

  • I agree with the superfeet blue review.. those insoles suck big time. I got them for my shoes and all they did was make my feet feel uncomfortable and tight in my shoes, I then just had to throw them away because amazon for some reason wouldn’t even give me a refund.

  • I don’t like how people are jumping on the hate bandwagon for ABP, simply because they wanted to make some cash for a project which has taken them years to build up. All of these people seem to have one mindset in common – that is that a company making lots of money off of their users is a bad thing. Why is this bad? I suppose you all believe that all rich people are innately bad as well. There *is* an option in ABP to disable the allowance of “non-obtrusive” adverts as well. Personally, I don’t even use ABP, I use uBlock Origin; but this whole hate bandwagon is a load of crap.

  • I agree with you on superfeet (I havent tried any of the others you mentioned so I dont know about them). I have had superfeet ones in the past and I really don’t know what all the fuss is about when people jabber on about how superfeet insoles are the best in the world and that no other insoles come close.. when in reality they really aren’t any good at all! They really messed up my feet and were just awkward to wear. I don’t actually wear any insoles at all any more because I found that they created more problems than they solved.

  • Oh there are a lot more reasons than just those 10!
    People should really stop using google to search for stuff because its just full of the eatsblishments sites and everything else is justmore or less censored.

  • No Donald trump may say dumb things but Hilary Clinton does dumber and more evil things. The bilderberg establishment want Hilary clinton to win so that they can keep on f’ing us all up and is doing everything they can to make sure she wins.

  • Atleast with Donald Trump like Hilary Clinton kept on blabbing on about in the presidential debate.. that Russia wants Donald in power and if the Russians are happy then hopefully the feud and proxy wars will stop between Russia and America and that surely is a good thing right? Only Hilary Clinton who loves wars will think that this is a bad thing.

  • Veeqo is a cloud-based, multi-channel inventory management application designed for small to large businesses. It manages orders, inventory, suppliers, purchase orders, and shipping for your company through one portal. E-commerce integrations allow you to import orders from your online sales channels, while Veeqo’s numerous shipping add-ons make getting products out to customers simple. check out video for more info

  • Scary stuff! Where on earth were her bodyguards at the time?
    I guess also the lesson to learn for other celebs is not to flash and advertise your super expensive stuff around at every opportunity you get else you are bound to get robbed eventually. Material stuff isn’t everything maybe setting up a worthwhile charity that helps people is a better idea to spend her money on next time.. robbers cannot rob that!

  • I just recently bought a cintiq and it is brilliant but the one thing that I find annoying (not the cintiqs fault) is that drawing in photoshop is not smooth at all.. as in it picks up all the little zig and zags when you draw, so my advice to anyone is to buy a plugin called Lazy Nezumi is really good for photoshop that automatically smooths/adds some weight to your brush strokes when you draw.

  • I removed this piece of crap straight away when they did this…. its was always really slow anyway so this just took the biscuit! Adblock plus doesn’t even respect its own users and is absolute garbage made by a bunch of dishonest idiots who are trying to control the internet by determining who should make money and who’s ads should be blocked.
    Some pathetic person who doesn’t have anything better to do is also deleting all the negative reviews from the ABP extension page so if you go check out the wayback machine there used to hundreds of 1 star reviews but now as if by magic there are zero!

    I use ublock orgin now and it is sooooo much better!

  • 財神娛樂

    Hey! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects? Thanks a ton!

  • Apparently there saying Bradd Pitt has been abusive towards one of their adopted kids… apparently on a private plane Bradd Pitt was arguing with Angelina and one of the kids joined in and defended Angelina and that is when Bradd Pitt turned on them and started attack the kid…. but it has gotta be said that this is just rumours!

  • One of the main reasons I use adblockers is to speed up my browsing experience.. if adblock is just going to replace ads then what’s the point as these ads will still slow down my phone or browser not to mention it will create a whole process initself to just detect and find new ads to replace the old ones with making it even slower than before!
    Also what right do adblock plus have to alter someone else website and make money off their content.

  • He really is a scumbag. I may not even be American and hate America and some of the things that it has done over the years but even I would stand in respect for the victims of 9/11 especially if I was in the public limelight like Chris Brown is. What sort of message is he sending out to young people that it is okay to not respect innocent people who died in a tragic terrorist attack just because you feel a bit pissed off with the police after you did something wrong?

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  • I completely agree! Tories are plutocrats and are sure not controlled by the voters. 75% of the uk population eligible to vote did not vote for the Tories to be in power but because voter turn out is only at around 66% this mean that the Tories could easily take the lead…….!

  • I hate my lenovo computer. It must be the worst computer that I have ever bought, Not only is it extremely slow beyond belief it randomly stops things working like the mouse.. the keyboard or the wifi meaning you have to stop what you are doing and restart you computer. Also you can wake up one day and find that Lenovo has automatically added a new program (well I say program but its actually just adware) to your computer without your permission.

  • I have a lenovo desktop and it really does suck… today I started up the computer and opened 2 tabs in Firefox and it lagged and glitched like mad.
    Next time when I buy a new computer I think I will just go to pcspecialist or something and build my own.. it actually comes out a lot cheaper that way as all brand computers put in cheap garbage components but charge a premium.

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