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  • Thanks for the your tips will include more evidence in more of my posts, really appreciate you helping me improving thebosh! Here is a link to his blog post>>
    Just because people are not from the same background/ethnicity doesn’t mean they cannot help you have to think of the good Samaritan story and just thought his post was just yet another attack on christanity so needed to write this 🙂

  • The crusade were pretty effective it was only when they started to become greedy and forgot why they were there that they started to fail. The crusades were a response to Muslims mass murder if the Muslims weren’t going around killing a ton of people they would never have happened. The crusades weren’t Christian thing at all to do.. because your meant to love your enemies and not kill anyone. 🙂 I do agree that there are a lot of bad apples out there that use religion as a means of getting what they want. The pope who called for the crusades said “All who die by the way, whether by land or by sea, or in battle against the [Muslims], shall have immediate [forgiveness] of sins.” -Pope Urban II, 1095 but he was just a man and had no authority to say that.. so the crusades werent a christian thing just a Catholic thing.

  • There is an interesting church watch website all about the hillsong megachurch maybe though I am reading too many websites focusing on bad churches rather than focusing on the good (will try to fix that), maybe it is wrong of me to make any judgements at all. Just as long as the pastors aren’t exploiting the bible and peoples faith as a means of getting rich via offerings “you donate x amount to us and you will be blessed then I guess your right there isn’t anything wrong with churches being rich. Money after all is needed to spread the message. Currently I am still attending the same church and Im going by your advise about being “that person” 🙂

  • Thank you for taking your time to write your comment, it really helps to know that I am not just being paranoid. Lack of welcoming at a church especially for people new to Christianity can be a huge disservice to god and can feel really personal.
    I think that your are totally right about reaching out to people and doing the opposite of what has became the unfortunate norm. I would hate to think someone new to christianity would go to a church that I go to and feel unwelcome and feel as though Christianity isn’t for them. We should live according to the example of Jesus who would go door to door welcoming people to Christianity… Making friends and welcoming people is a lot more fun anyway than sticking to an clique!

  • Glad I could help. I think getting away from using Gmail is even more important because Gmail is the worst of all email services due to the fact that:
    a)Googles actively scans your PRIVATE emails and collects data which it then uses to show you “targeted ads” and possibly do other dodgy stuff with it for example a google employee was convicted of stalking on little childrens using data he got from their google accounts.
    b) One day you might log into your account and find that google has “detected unusual activity” for no reason at all… and needs you to send them a copy of your passport in order for them to unlock your account. If you don’t send them your passport details then all your emails will be lost forever (this has happened to me).

    One of the best email services is which encrypts all of your data and is said to be the most secure mail service around so secure that even the NSA cannot read your emails.

    The only downside to protonmail is the fact that it is limited to 150 messages per day for free accounts.

    However is a free and does not limit messages and has just as many cool features.

    With these encrypted email services you can choose to send normal messages or encrypted ones whereby the only way the receipt will be able to read the email is if they have a special password that you give them.

    You could also try icloud by apple which will be secure… Apple kind of takes security quite seriously, so much so that they refused to reveal iphone passwords of Isis terrorists in America to the government :/.

    Another good option is outlook, although outlook is owned by Microsoft so who knows what they are going to do with your data… but probably not as bad as google… and doesn’t at least lock you out of your account for no reason.

  • If you are looking for total privacy then is a good search engine to use. Or you could use which uses google search results but stops google from tracking you.
    Using an ad blocker will also help to stop google from tracking you and will help to stop annoying ads everywhere and speed up your browser, a good one of those would be ublock origin. Hope this helps!

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