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  • Thats just how the site works. Maybe in the future thebosh will enable sign up again so everyone can comment again straight away. But moderation is needed not to censor political views but just to stop people spamming illegal fake pill websites everywhere. You can say what you want on the comments like Gay people are evil… and it won’t get censored.

  • Sounds like you have been “profiled” and now anything you say will be marked as spam by Disqus. Disqus and Google have identified you via your IP, cookies and trackers on websites and now are actively censoring you from saying anything at all I am sad to say. It is these devil worshippers that need to be censored not you.

  • Thanks for the great advice 🙂 I agree that I can lose sight of what is important and everything ends up being a popularity contest. In my city, there are hardly any churches only “big” franchise ones to go to with a huge emphasis on tithing and offerings to make their franchise bigger… currently the one im going to wants to build a massive stadium outside the city… almost like they are building the tower of babel.. not good when there is a big homeless problem in my city. I guess at the end of the day im only going to make friends which is wrong…I feel in today’s society making friends is getting harder and harder as the world gets colder. I go to church now with my brother who at least gives me some company and he has noticed the same thing. Weirdly we can have a long conversation with the old folks whereas people our age just seem to be too busy to talk, either want to show off about their successful job or just want to end the conversation as quick as possible. I have tried talking to people about the bible but everyone seems to evasive to talking about beliefs.

  • I really hope you get it sorted. Under new GDPR laws, you have the right to discuss it and they cannot refuse. Something like that if went through could totally wreck someone’s life and have really bad consequences for them. I hope whoever is responsible is caught.

  • Your not alone! I know what you mean about having people say hi to you and that’s it they do it at my church at the entrance… seems very hollow especially when you then ask if they are okay and they ignore you :/
    Hope you can take strength from the fact that one of Jesus biggest messages was to love your neighbor which shows that it is not Christianity that is in the wrong here its the fact that people do not listen or practice what they preach.

    It is really sad that in some churches people feel the need to pick and choose which neighbors they will love and make church into some sort of popularity contest!

    I do hope you will be okay maybe have a word with the main pastor and tell them your problems and you need guidance a good pastor will surely help you out 🙂

  • Thanks for your comment 🙂 I guess these tech company’s despite making billions in profit they still feel threatened by the light/don’t want to face up to reality and don’t want others to read the truth either a real shame. By the way really like your site

  • Whether Simon says function was used or not doesn’t matter it still reminder that tech and the internet cannot be trusted. Machine learning will always be weighted based upon the subjective view of what is right and wrong by the one who programs it. Amazons morally corrupt.. Jeff bezos pays for court cases for gay marriage, amazon prime producers involved exposed as a “Harvey Weinstein” fellow amazon not paying tax, ruthless business practices..yadada.

    Id get my info from the bible rather than some lame device that could potentially be used in a bad way… machine learning will always be weighted based upon the subjective view of what is right and wrong by the one who programs it.

Viewing 10 comments - 1 through 10 (of 20 total)