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  • Thanks veryone for your replies!

    I’ve ordered insoles and socks and will start doing stretching exercises daily too. Ice really helped tonight as well.

    It’s been creeping up on me for months without realising what was going on, until today with severe pain in my heal.

    I’m not overweight but do walk several miles a day and am often very stiff…[Read more]

  • Does anyone have experience of plantar fasciitis?

    I think I may have developed it, which is a bigger given what I do for a living :/

  • On my MagicZoom (which comes up in Preferences) you get a simple sliding scale. I’ve got mine set only about 2/3 way … it calls it ‘Wild Fast 6.06 (Apple Max: 1.7)’. This means I can move the cursor diagonally right across my 22″ monitor with about a 5 cm mouse movement.

  • Yes, good shout. The UK should really be perhaps 10 semi autonomous regions, we already have Wales, NI and Scotland, why not have England divided into 7 regions with power over health, education and the legal system and with a certain amount of tax raising (or lowering powers).

    I want to see an end to the gig economy, better opportunities for the…[Read more]

  • Samsung S2

    Light, good size and fast. May seem expensive but you get what you pay for…

    Had mine for a few years with no complaints and don’t expect to upgrade any time soon.

    I would avoid Lenovo, I bought a Lenovo a and it was so slow!

    Hope this helps

  • We have a little “guest house” in the garden (couldn’t really rent it out, because even though it have a toilet and shower, there are no cooking facilities, and there’s no space to install anything, not even a tiny “minibar” sized fridge or a single electric ring), but it’s enough for friends staying overnight and it served me as a home office for…[Read more]

  • sammo replied to the topic "my parking space" in the forum General Chat 2 years, 2 months ago

    A few years ago I converted our front garden to a driveway to stop people parking in front of the house, older and wiser now and TBH I don’t give a monkeys where people park, nor do I care if my car is parked around the corner out of sight. It’s out of sight when shopping or climbing etc

    Its only a car, perhaps when folk have big loans/ fin…[Read more]

  • I doubt it will impact me much, 55 and living in Northern Europe. However people distant in space, such as Poor Africans and in time, such as my Grandchildren and possibly my children, well they are doomed Is there anything I can do? Should I even care?

    Yes. First and foremost elect people serious about tackling it, accept that will cost you and…[Read more]

  • @steve I can’t help but feel I’m missing something big here. There is no such interest in leaving the other big science collaborations that are not EU organisations, such as CERN, ESA or ESO.

    Euratom is by far the most important to the average citizen, as it is important to the delivery and sourcing of nuclear fuel and medical isotopes as opp…[Read more]

  • Madness indeed.

    The EU would be frankly insane to cut the UK out of defensive stuff.

    It’s also not clear to me if “military grade” GNSS is as important as it was thought to be when the decision to embark on Galileo was made. GNSS spoofing is now pretty easy, and jamming is trivial. There aren’t many applications that need the militar…[Read more]

  • sammo posted a new activity comment 2 years, 3 months ago

    There has been a lot of press lately suggesting that the London murder rate is higher than New York, it isn’t, it is about a third of it, however there is something we can learn from New York. In 1990, there were 2,245 murders in the city, in 2017 there were 300. There were 102 murders in London in 2017, if they continue that the rate they have in…[Read more]

    • One thing to remember about this is that when they talk about the NYC statistic, they mean the 5 boroughs, not the entire metropolitan area. Gentrification of the boroughs has pushed a lot of crime out into neighboring cities that are essentially attached and sometimes in a different state such as Jersey City, although these are in turns…[Read more]

    • I’m typing this from New York where we are on holiday. There are plenty of unsalubrious areas and plenty of dodgy-looking characters hanging around including huge numbers of vagrants but the big difference is that the city is absolutely HEAVING with Police and security personnel; there is almost always a Police car in sight or officers hanging…[Read more]

  • sammo posted a new activity comment 2 years, 3 months ago

    According to David Lammy MP, the disaffected and disenfranchised youths are also being attracted / dragged into a vicious turf war for a part of the £11bn (£11bn !!!???!!!) cocaine market. Theres little other prospect of making money, little chance of being caught, and massive rewards if you make it up the food chain.

  • sammo posted a new activity comment 2 years, 3 months ago

    You sound quite angry about this? do you think that these people are just born thugs then? In your opinion what turns them into thugs and why are there more thugs about now?

  • One of the best air carriers is Southwest, good service and fair prices. The worst, in my experience, is US Air, expensive and they seem to run behind schedule.

    Travel in NYC is cheaper by the subway, but more fun traveling in cabs, though the cost can add up. If you pick a centrally located hotel walking is not bad. There are many, many great…[Read more]

  • Like in the good old days… cut off the foot 🙂

    On a serious note… go and see a doctor, and orthopedist… asking for a health advice on thebosh is not advisable

  • The EU aint all bad I guess 😀

  • Buy this book

    Find the painfull spots in your quads (and probably other leg muscles) and spend 10 mins, several times a day working on them. Use a tennis ball, lying on the floor face down. You will know when you find a trigger point – it’s a ‘good’ kind of pain.

    Also check…[Read more]

  • I think the guy in the car is going to get a lot of fallout over this but its an unreal expectation that anyone could stay 100% focused. Im sure that the guy has been in the car for tens of thousands of accident free miles and that breeds complacency.

    Maybe testers should be limited to say 1 hour stretches, there is Mobile phone tech that keeps…[Read more]

  • hi james, really interesting reading this thread- and well done for asking the hive mind and admitting something isn’t right.

    id be interested to hear about how you get on with this struggle, maybe a post on here every little while could help you in the form of both a diary and letting people motivate you to keep going or supporting you when you…[Read more]

  • sammo posted a new activity comment 2 years, 4 months ago

    Unfortunately, your no body wants to pay more taxes, does really exist. Plenty of people would willingly pay more taxes to fund a “proper” NHS. You and other telling us we don’t want to doesn’t make it true.

    The fact is there’s no method for anyone to discount this Tory meme that no one wants to pay more tax. The Tories don’t want more tax, but…[Read more]

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