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    Network solutions aka web.com are compete scammers! These scoundrels own a domain auction site called snapnames, after I won a very expensive domain at auction on this site and paid £2000 my account was then suspended for no reason meaning that I have just lost £2000.. after phoning up snapnames they told me that to get my account activated an dto get my domain I would have to first verify my account with these scammers by sending them a copy of my passport! Sending a copy of my passport to the same complete strangers that have already conned me out of £2000 would just be stupid… never ever give out copies of your passport to anyone! As scammers will be able to use this to steal your identity and take out loans in your name.
    I really should have researched this company properly before bidding on a domain there as if you just search for “snapnames scam” you get tons of results of people complaining about how these guys have scammed them!

    • Thats too bad.. apparently snapnames got in trouble in 2009 for shill bidding whereby a snapnames employee would go around bidding on auctions just to drive up the prices. It seems that these scammers have so many domain register sites just suck up as many domains as they can.. letting people register a domain with them get them to build up the website and then when the time is right networksolutions will suspend your account allowing them to then auction off your now valuable domain name (back-links make a domain valuable in this day and age) and profit from your hard work… My bet is that you are going to see that domain up for auction again very soon so that more suckers will try to buy it only to be scammed like you.