• mike posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    Some may disagree with what I am about to say but I don’t care as this is a free world and we should all be able to express our opinions and this is mine….

    What is the media’s obsession with transsexuals all of the sudden? I cannot seem to go a whole day without finding this mental illness being promoted in the media! Why should I accept these abominations when these trans-people cannot even accept who they really are anyway. You cannot disagree with science. You are born either a male with XY chromosomes or a female with XX chromosomes. You just CANNOT change gender no matter how badly you mutilate yourself using an ice cream scoop! “Trans people” need to accept this and actually be proud of the gender and person that they were born as!
    The media is promoting a mental illness… if the media all of a sudden started promoting anorexia their would be a huge backlash but for some reason it has became “trendy” to accept this.

    The media is trying to break us and warp out minds, making us question who we truly are!

    • Its the warped Satanist elite who control the media trying to make people feel worthlessness and trying to make them even question their own existence!

      This professor has got things right though speaking out against this evil


    • Yeah I agree the media is just obsessed with turning us all into lgbt people this has got to stop! My email keeps on getting spammed with garbage like for example I got an email today from medium.com “My 3 Year-Old Just Asked Why Some People Are Gay” I don’t give a crap and I really do not read the liberal warped answer probably given to that 3 years old… which was probably along the lines of “some people are just born that way” which is a complete and utter lie.

      Only god can judge these people at the end of the day however the media constantly pushing this agenda is destroying free will because people will end up thinking that this is normal.