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  • Curious as to the difference – I made an Ubuntu bootable drive – I see what you mean. Linux is wildly different (and to my mind not friendly at all!).

    Mac->System Preferences->Trackpad or Mouse ->Point and Click -> Tracking speed

    should enable you to do what you want

    I have mine set so that in addition a left click gives me a contextual menu…[Read more]

  • You mean like income tax?

    Why do healthcare discussions always start with how a health care system is funded rather than how it is organised or by how much it is funded? After all if you wanted to improve the NHS the first thing you would look at is organisation, second funding level and third, method of funding.

  • @neb Yes the evidence is circumstantial, but it fits a pattern: Choosing a means of killing that is designed to induce fear in the intended audience, a terror attack in its truest meaning. Novichok just is this year’s Polonium. It makes the authorship extremely clear, without actually proving anything. I assume, though, that the current two cases…[Read more]

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    The worst problem I seem to have is that on new housing estates the way the houses are crammed together means that wherever you park its usually makes it slightly awkward for someone getting in or out of their driveway.

    what gets me is that instead of simply asking nicely could I move the van to let them out they arrive full of hostility and in…

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  • Whilst it’s a very soft number the Washington post in 2012 quoting an organisation called pew research reckoned somewhere in the region of 84% of the worlds population has faith- now I’m not going to argue just how soft that number is, but I think it’s fair to say there is a sizeable percentage even a majority of the world population consi…[Read more]

  • Out of interest, why would you consider the demise of the Human race a bad thing. Would it possibly be better in the long term for planet earth ?
    Or as ultimatley we are just part of a long term chemical experiment heading towards a firey demise, does it matter.
    Its very easy to see all this from an Anthropogenic view point, however I would guess…[Read more]

  • As my sat nav regularly tells me “turn around when possible”

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    I’m not more inclined to go out stabbing people because of the police cuts but i’m a middle aged guy with a decent income living in a almost completely crime free village so not really at risk of getting embroiled in knife crime. In communities where you have deprivation when you cut social services and police budgets it’s much easier for those at…[Read more]

  • @damon I seem to recall Audi having human/animal detecting sensors as an option some time ago. Their adverts made reference to it. I dont know if the braking systems were integrated with it though.

  • Have you got some really good, positive things you want to try or do which would take you away from the drink?

    I found planning and committing cash to a holiday 8 months in advance, with clear goals for the trip meant I turned up to the gym come rain or shine ready to give my best crack knowing I would inch closer to getting what I wanted. Booze,…[Read more]

  • Thanks everyone for your great replies. Really appreciate it! Im going to go see a rheumatologist in a few weeks to get the proper diagnosis.

    I have been reading up on lots of different treatments like knee stem cell therapy etc.. but im starting to think that I need to find out what was/is main cause of the wear and tear of my knee. Part of me…[Read more]

  • I am currently suffering from really bad knee pain after years of running, cycling and hiking. I went to see my doctor who has told me that I have Osteoarthritis in my left knee which is kind of worrying considering I am only in my 30’s :/ To make matters worse my right knee isn’t so good either and I sprained it a couple weeks back and its never…[Read more]