• James posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago


    So the uk has decided that it has had enough with the big businesses, elites bureaucrats, plutocrats and WANT DEMOCRACY BACK so have voted to leave the EU.. but despite the leave side winning fairly in a vote that has had the biggest turn out ever some people do not want to accept the result and are sulking about it (harming our country in the process with their doom and gloom that then gets reflected in the stock market).
    It seems a lot of people in this country do not know what democracy is and that sometimes you don’t get the result you want if more people vote for the other thing… Petitions such as the ones being set up that call for another referendum because some people are unhappy with the result are just total madness and will prove to the rest of the world how unstable our country really is if we went through with another referendum.


    The silly cow Nicola sturgeon the first minister of Scotland is wanting to now use this as an excuse for another Scottish independence referendum… saying that Britain has forced Scotland to leave the eu against Scotland’s will (despite many many Scottish people voting to leave) she is also now saying now that the Scottish parliament could even block Brexit..which is all kind of hypercritical, but don t worry the European leaders are saying no that cannot happen<< even the eu aren’t that bothered about us leaving and actually want us to go as soon as possible.


    The liberal democrats have now said that they would despite the public voting to leave if they got into power they would campaign for the Uk to go back into the EU! ARE THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS TOTALLY BRAIN DEAD?? NOT ONLY DOES THIS DEFY THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE IN THE UK BUT ALSO WE DID GO BACK TO BRUSSLES BEGGING MR JUNKER TO LET US BACK IN THE WOULD HAVE A FIELD DAY AND I CAN TELL YOU NOW IT WILL NOT BENIFIT THE UK AT ALL!


    I do hope that the uk can unite again and use this great opportunity that we now have to make our country stronger and better in every way! I also hope we don’t let the Tories sell our souls to America by signing a trade agreement like the Transatlantic trade and investment partnership which would be 100000000x worse than the eu!
    The uk is no longer bound to just Europe any more.. the world is now our oyster!