• James posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    Somethings you just cannot make up! In a weird series of events yesterday Bob Geldoff and Nigel Farage clash in a boat as Bob Geldoff gatecrashes a fishing flotilla of 30 boats that was going down the river Thames to protest against EU fishing laws that are damaging the UK fishing industry.. Bob Geldoff was having non of it and got on his high horse and decided to shout down the fishing men by getting in a even bigger boat and using a loudspeaker Bob Geldoff started yelling abuse and insults towards the fishermen and Nigel Farage in a counter demonstration with remain supporters.

    In response Nigel farage who as called a fraud by Bob Geldoff said

    “What multi-millionaire Mr Geldof did was to show his absolute contempt for the men and women who have come here from right across the UK asking, demanding, to be listened to as their communities are destroyed by the commons fisheries policy.

    “As a spectacle, I think it is pretty disgraceful. And then what he did was show the depth of his ignorance… We are only allowed to catch 20% by value of the fish that swim in what should be our territorial waters. He clearly does not understand that.”